Sunday, June 27, 2004

Draft Day Brings Chill to Ranger Fans

As a Ranger fan we often think it can't get worse, unfortunately it did yesterday at The Theater at the Garden. The fans (season ticket holders) booed when Dave Maloney, brother of assistant Gm Don Maloney, mentioned that the Rangers might take Al Montoya, goalie from Michigan. When it was officially announced the crowd booed lustily, chants of 'fire Sather' went up and at least one third of the crowd got up and left. While the Rangers need size,quickness and toughness they picked another goalie who by ESPN's admission played in front of a great Michigan defense. So Montoya joins Blackburn, who may never play another game for the Rangers; Lundqvist, who has another year in Sweden; Mike Dunham, and Jamie McClennan last years holdovers. But Sather is the story. Every time his face was shown on ESPN he got booed. It should be a great season with him not showing up for any games. Remember he was a no show at Mike Richter night. No big deal he has been a no show as President, GM and coach and is as arrogant as they come. In three years he has the Rangers worse now than when he showed up. But he has accomplished one thing. He now has Ranger fans speaking fondly of Neil Smith. While Jim Dolan thinks he is the smartest man in hockey and would never fire him, one more missed playoff will put Sather out and maybe even take Dolan with him if we are lucky.

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