Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Eric Lindros now knows how Brian Leetch and Adam Graves, two Ranger legends, felt and still feel after being dumped on the quiet, without a word from the exalted one-Glen Sather. Lindros will enter the free agency market tomorrow as the Rangers will not pick up Lindros' option for a fourth year. It is reported that Lindros has not heard from any Ranger official since the end of the season. There is nothing wrong with not offering a player an option year. But what is wrong is that the President, GM and former coach, Glen Sather, neither had the time, the inclination or the guts to tell Lindros that he was no longer wanted. The Exalted One didn't have the time to tell Brian Leetch, a seventeen year Ranger icon, that he was traded. He let Adam Graves, another Ranger great, flounder but never gave him the official word either. For those Ranger fans who booed Lindros let me remind them that in his first year 2001-2002 he was leading the Rangers to the top of the league until he came down with a concussion. In fact in his three years with the Rangers he averaged .82 points per game. More often that not he led the team in hits given and taken. Many times the opposition took liberties with Lindros with no retaliation from his teammates. This has been a Ranger liability for years. Did we address that in the draft. No, we got another goalie. Eric was the subject of much criticism from Sather during the year and never spent as much as a week with the same linemates. He never uttered a word and played the same, in your face, game whether 7 minutes or 20 minutes. I salute Eric Lindros and wish him well healthwise. A healthy Eric Lindros is a force to be reckoned with. I hope he signs in the Western conference. Eric, you will be missed. Good luck.

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