Thursday, June 08, 2006

One Million Words per Week

Bryan Curtis makes some interesting observations about is best understood not as sports pages or a sports magazine but as an all-purpose sports balm. Those of us who seek hard news turn to's ever-vigilant army of beat reporters. Those who seek opinion columnists find them shouting from every corner of the site; I once set out to determine how many people regularly write an opinion column of some kind, and gave up counting at 50...

these days, no single sports publication, on paper or on the Web, can lay claim to employing as many star writers, slinging as many opinions and publishing as many words (more than one million per week, according to a spokesman)...

ESPN columnist Scoop Jackson - The Truth Remains Undiscovered:

"Every tree has roots. The roots are the lifeline of every tree. Attack or cut down a tree, the roots stay alive. They still grow. The roots are deeper than the tree."

A good sports publication is often like a good sports bar, populated by a few eloquent spokesmen and a somewhat larger crowd of shouting drunks.
You sift through the bad to get to the good, and even the bad now and again turns up a nugget.

Nothing but nuggets here at the RP.

Every blog has readers. The readers are the lifeline of every blog. Attack or cut down a blog, the readers stay alive. They still grow. The readers are deeper than the blog.

Attention, the RangerPundit is open to all offers.

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