Thursday, September 14, 2006

Worst Coaches & Managers in New York Sports History

Some were clueless, some just didn't understand New York, some went on to success elsewhere. Here is list of some of the worst head coaches and managers in New York sports history:

1) Rich Kotite
Head Coach, Jets, for 1995-96
2 years: 32 games, 4-28, .125 winning %

2) Bill Arnsparger
Head Coach, NY Giants, 1974-1976
7-28-0 in 35 games, .200 (lost all 7 games he coached in 1976)

3) Lou Holtz
Head Coach, Jets, 1976
3-10 in 13 games, .230 (left with one game left in the season to resume his college coaching career at the University of Arkansas)

4) Larry Brown
Head Coach NY Knicks 2005-06 (July 28, 2005 - June 22, 2005)
23-59 in 82 games, .280

5) Bob Hill (Knicks, Fordham)
Head Coach, Knicks, 1986-87
20-46 in 66 games, .303
Head Coach 1999-2003 Fordham University
36-78 in 114 games, .316 (2-26 in last season, finishing with 15 str. losses)

6) Clyde "Bulldog" Turner
Head Coach, Jets, 1962
5-9 in 14 games, .357

7) Pete Carroll
Head Coach, Jets, 1994
6-10 in 16 games(lost final 6 games) .375

8) John McVay
Head Coach, NY Giants, 1976-1978
14-23-0 in 37 games, .378

9) George Bamberger
Manager, Mets, 1982-1983
81-127 in 208 games, .389

10) Charley Winner
Head Coach, Jets, 1974-1975
9-14 in 23 games, .391

11) Don Chaney
Head Coach, Knicks, 2001-02 through 2003-04
72-112 in 184 games, .391

12) Bucky Dent
Manager, Yankees, 1989-90
36-53 in 89 games, .405

13) Joe Torre
Manager, Mets, 1977-81
286-420 in 706 games, .405

14) Bruce Coslet
Head Coach, Jets, 1990-1993
26-38 in 64 games, .406

15) Ray Perkins
Head Coach, NY Giants, 1979-1982
24-35-0 in 59 games, .407

16) Alex Webster
Head Coach, NY Giants, 1969-1973
29-40-1 in 70 games, .414

17) Glen Sather
Head Coach, NY Rangers, Jan. 29, 2003 - Feb. 25, 2004
33-46-11 in 90 games
General Manager 2000-present (1 playoff appearance 2006)
172-183-26-29 in 410 games

18) Art Howe
Manager, Mets, 2003-04
137-186 in 323 games, .424

19) Stump Merrill
Manager, Yankees, 1990-91
120-155 in 275 games, .436%

20) Bryan Trottier
Head Coach, Rangers, 2002-03 (June 12, 2002 - Jan. 29, 2003)
21-26-6-1 in 54 games

21) Frank Howard
Manager, Mets, 1982-83
52-64 in 116 games, .448

22) Bill Belichick
Head Coach in 2000 for one day Jets

Did we forget someone? Who do you think is the worst coach in NY sports history? College coaches are welcome too. Leave your comments.

Aside: What is the correct way to calculate the winning percentage for hockey coaches given the fact that points are awarded for ties? Is it wins divided by losses, or is it wins divided by total games?

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  • mistersport said...

    Larry Brown by far is the worst coach in NYC history. Given his past record, a hall of fame coach, etc, and he comes in and sets off a stink bomb. Has to be the most horrific job of butchering a team maybe in history of sport.

  • jb said...

    In recent history I agree. But, I wasn't around for two years of Rich Kotite. 4 wins in 2 years. Just thinking of that week-in, week-out pain during the second season. I guess it only hurts if you're a Jets fan.

  • Anonymous said...

    Ray Handley

  • jb said...

    Ray Handley
    NY Giants

    Total: 14-18 (.4375)

    After winning the Super Bowl in 1990 and 8 years of Parcells this was rough.

    Yep, he'd bump Frank Howard off the list (by .0108%).

    Thanks for the heads up Mrs. Howard.

  • Gate 80 said...


    In my opinion Larry Brown stands alone and unchallenged for worst - and most resented - coach. To quit on the team the way he did demonstrated a more dysfunctional and infantile persona than any of his players - truly a remarkable task when you consider the self-centered "me-first" attitude of "Your New York Knicks". Although, I used to love to watch the Knicks, I have no desire to watch this team at all. They are the essence of what I loathe about the self-indulgent, overpaid and pampered "pro athlete". Larry Brown made a terrible team more terrible.

  • jb said...

    Brown is definitely leading the unofficial poll. Another thing that is most galling about Brown is that he got $10-$12 million for his 1st year of "work" and is suing to get another $40 million that is due under the 5 year contract.

    The Knicks may end up paying Brown more than $1 million for each of the 23 wins they had in 2005-06.

    This is the greatest "con" in sports history.

  • Gate 80 said...


    I agree with everything you say except two things. First, it's the ticketholders who pay that money. The Knicks only take it from us and pass it along. Second the amount per win comes out to about $2.2 million!!!

    Maybe he can buy himself a NEW bladder with that money. The situation sure has me PISSED!!

  • jb said...

    gate 80,

    I saw that the $40M remaing on Brown's contract went to Stern for arbitration on Friday:

    "Larry Brown's dispute over $40 million in his contract following his firing by the New York Knicks went before NBA commissioner David Stern on Friday.

    Stern isn't expected to rule for up to two weeks. Neither the NBA nor the Knicks would comment on the arbitration hearing at the league office. Joe Glass, Brown's agent, said he wouldn't comment for "another 10 days or two weeks."

    Brown presided over a tumultuous 23-win season and was fired June 22. The Knicks are attempting to void the remaining four years on his contract, worth about $40 million."

    So we will have to wait and see what Stern gives him. At 66 years old it should be Brown's last pay day. Like you pointed out he should personally mail an apology letter to every Knicks fan, for taking their money.

    We could probably start a blog bashing the Knicks management and find a boat load of readers. But, beating a dead dog doesn't sound like much fun. The Rangers management gives us enough "agita"

  • Gate 80 said...

    Pundit, you reminded me: the Knicks ... the Rangers... what have they both in common? Sonny Boy Dolan! Thank God, at least he doesn't pretend to know anything about hockey!