Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rangers Warm Up

Before you get too excited about last nights rout of Phoenix, 7-3, remember that the Coyotes are quite possibly the worst team in the league. Also remember that the Rangers gave Phoenix two goals, one on Jagr's horrendous turnover, and the other on the reenactment of the parting of the Red Sea by Rozsival and Ozolinsh. The Rangers skated quite freely against Phoenix, but despite being out manned due to injuries, the Coyotes out hit the Rangers 17-8. Would you believe that only two defensemen racked up any hits on the Rangers. Aaron Ward and Fedor Tyutin split four hits between them.

The Lady Byngers, known as the Rangers, and piloted by their chief softie, Tom Renney, played their usual tic-tac-toe, perimeter type hockey which plays well against the have nots, but will be tested against San Jose and Anahiem on Wednesday and Thursday. Renney dressed Colton Orr instead of sticking with rookie Nigel Dawes. Why? Orr got all of 4:14 of ice time and while I don't have the largest TV available I didn't see anything that he brought to the game. Hollweg's time was dropped to 5:52 and he did make the most of it challenging tough guy Nick Boynton in that rarity of all rarities in the new NHL, a fight. Marcel Hossa got 7:52 of ice time and spent most of it skating in circles. He pitched a perfect game. No shots on goal. No hits. No blocked shots. Why is he playing and Jarkko Immonen in Hartford?

However, the bottom line is we got two points. We should pickup another two against the Kings, who seem to be as bad as the Coyotes. The test will come against San Jose and Anahiem. Renney keeps talking about making moves especially on defense, and the talk centers around Kasparaitis being waived or moved. Why? Is Kaspy any worse than Malik? Than Ozolinsh? Than 'give away' Rozsival? It all points to politics my friends.

What happened to the youth movement?


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