Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where's The Passion?

After the game Jaromir Jagr stated that last night's Florida game was not a fun game to play. I have news for Jagr, it was less fun watching. Don't be fooled by the fact that the Rangers out shot the Panthers 37-24. Jagr again, "We got a lot of shots-not many chances." Shots on goal are about the most meaningless stat in the NHL. You want to look at stats, how about this one. Giveaways. The Rangers gave up the puck 27 times and the Panthers gave it up 11. Its a wonder the game was that close. Two of the giveaways were beauts. Rozsival put one on the stick of Juraj Kolnik for the game winning third goal for Florida. Rachunek tried to go up the middle through the legs of a Panther and it led to a goal by Greg Campbell.

Michal Rozsival and Marek Malik, Abbott & Costello of hockey, with all due respect to the famous comedians, gave the puck away three times each. In fact Malik had the perfect game. No shots, no hits and would you believe a plus one. Another stat that should go out the window or be revised. Malik got a plus on Straka's goal. he passed the puck to Aaron Ward in the defensive zone and Ward sprung Straka loose. But watching Rozsival and Malik flounder and fall behind and lacking any physical presence one wonders when Tom Renney is going to do something. But what is Renney going to do. His best defenseman Thomas Pock is permanently assigned to the bench.

Renney is now touting Sandis Ozolinsh as his saviour. Huh? Karel Rachunek is another enigma. He also had no hits and gave the puck away twice. It is true that playofs are determined in the off season with smart acquisitions. You all know how I feel about the Rangers not signing Brendan Witt and Jason Arnott. And why did we let Petr Sykora go? Besides our weak defense we are the only so called contending team that lacks a big time center.

The Rangers seemed passionless in letting Florida win its first road game. The Panthers were 1-2 on th PP and are first in the league with a 25.5%. The Rangers were 1-6 and are 11th in the NHL with a 18.9%. On the opposite end the Panthers are number 15 in PK's with a 82.7% and the Rangers are 22nd with a 79%. Whats wrong here?

Last year the Rangers strength was Jagr, Lundqvist and the HMO line. Jagr, while tied for 2nd in points and tied for 1st in assists has only two goals and is well off last years record pace. However, he is hurting as his shots lack the zip of old. Will he get better? Will the shoulder heal fully? Lets hope so. Lundqvist who was electric has fallen off the charts in goalie categories. His GAA is at 3.58 which places him 32nd on the goalie list. His save % is .878 which puts him 34th on the list. Is it the sophomore jinx? Has he fully recovered from last years physical problems? Is he a one year wonder?

The HMO line was an integral part of the Rangers success. Dominic Moore was traded to Pittsburgh via Nashville for Adam Hall. Hall has had a tough time finding his niche with the limited ice time he is getting. Jed Ortmeyer will be out at least until December and maybe longer. He is sorely missed. That leaves Ryan Hollweg. Hollweg was centering between Hall and Hossa. That line dished out four hits with the hit man, Hollweg, getting four and the two getting a deuce each. Ryan Hollweg is a better Designated Hitter than Jason Giambi. But the HMO line brought the passion. There is no passion on this team. The Panthers roamed freely, hit often, sometimes illegally and there was no retaliation from the Rangers. Hell, the Rangers never retaliate. There was a shot taken after the buzzer of the second period and all there was were words. We do not have enough hard nose Canadian type players. We need a Chris Nilan, Nick Fotiu, a Sandy McCarthy! Hit the road Jack.........


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  • Jagr Meister said...

    Hall is a solid forward when he gets time, same with Hossa, and hollweg, and dawes... THEY need more time. They played with passion last night, they played with fire... Bottom line is that the kids need to play. I think we should cut outright malek and ozo, take the cap hit, and with such limited space, play just kids, like pock, and baranka, etc.... nylander HAS to be benched.... it worked for him last year...

  • mike said...

    jagr meister-bottom line is the majority of the team did not play with passion. No one on the defense played with passion. I've been screaming for the youth from the beginning. Are you the jagr meister who gave my grandson the hockey stick?

  • Gate 80 said...

    I was at the game last night and I can't see why they play Hossa. He has no hands and no game. Can they convince somebody else to take him for an old stick and a couple of pucks? Also, the crowd was all over him like hair on a gorilla. He's got to hear it. LETS GET RID OF THIS LOSSA!!!

  • mike said...

    gate 80-The 'drain trust' are waiting for him to start playing like his brother. Is Renney hearing it, that is the question?