Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Politics Of Morality

Just a few thoughts on the elections.

Senator John McCain, at a press conference, noted that 19 of the 28 seats the Republicans lost were due to corruption scandals. Such Republicans like Foley, Ney, DeLay, Burns and a few others were involved in some kind of scandal. They and their surrogates were defeated. It's great that the American voter has no tolerance toward the corrupt. But do they?

When it comes to Democrats the voters are more tolerant. The Democrats had Alan Mollohan, W. Va., William Jefferson, La., Robert Menendez, NJ and Alan Hevesi, New York, who also participated in some kind of chicanery. They were all re-elected.

Democrat voters have more tolerance toward Democrat crooks than Republican voters have toward Republican crooks.

Moral of the story. If you are going to be a political crook it pays to have a (D) after your name.

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