Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shootout Sensation

It is now obvious what the Ranger plan is to win the Cup this year. Play every game for a shootout and pull in the big W with the Big Prince in the nets. They did it again last night although in the process they blew another two goal lead. This time they hung on to get to the shootout where Lundqvist was perfect again, 3-3, improving his overall record for three games to 19-19 one of five perfect goaltenders but the others not having more than three attempts.

Lundqvist made 36 saves in boosting the Rangers to their 3rd win in four games. They have accumulated seven points in four games as they drive toward the top spot in the Atlantic Division. His 19 shots and saves are the most in a shootout for any goalie. J. Giguere, Anaheim, has 17 saves, but has given up 6 goals. The next highest percentage save belongs to Antero Nittimaki, who has a .875%, with 16 saves and allowing 2 goals.

Lundqvist has a GAA of 3.49 and a save % of .884 well below last years numbers and well below what is expected of him. So Lundqvist struggles but not in the shootout. In the shootout he is perfect. Maybe it is the defense in front of him. Maybe its the poor decisions, poor passes, slow feet, are you listening Malik? One thing is clear. Lundqvist is as solid as a rock in the shootout. So lets play for a shootout.

Speaking of shootouts a beaut is coming up Friday in Atlanta. The Thrashers have the most points in the NHL, 27, and the most goals scored, 67. The Rangers have the fourth worse goals against, 54, and need to tighten up the D if they expect to make a game of it. Of course, we need Lundqvist to elevate his game to give us a shot, or play for a shootout.

ICINGS: Not only are there no rookies playing, Pock and Dawes continue to sit, but the veterans continue to be overplayed. Jagr and Nylandr went over the 24 minute mark, Shanny was at 23:53 and Straka logged 20:50. Hossa and Ward got over 7 minutes each. What happened to the youth movement? Still think Brian Leetch is too old for this team?

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  • Anonymous said...

    I’m sorry, I really didn’t want to do this, but you have been ratting on Malik a tad too much, when there is another liability in Sandis Ozolinsh. Ozolinsh got decent playing time, (about 18 minutes), but what astounded me was how they continued to put him out at the end of the game. I found myself yelling at the TV because of some of the horrible positioning mistakes he made. I knew how to do some of the things he is failing to do as a Pee Wee in youth hockey! Attack Malik, you know what go after the whole defensive unit, but you can’t mention Malik without Ozolinsh because he is a liability to the team and we have to get rid of him.

  • mike said...

    anonymous-I don't remember saying anything good about any of the defensemen. I keep wondering why Pock can't crack this lineup.