Sunday, December 17, 2006

Leafs Rout Rangers

Leafs rout RangersA terrible night, on Saturday, for NY sports. The Rangers are routed and the Knicks melt down and start a brawl with Denver. Not one of those magical nights to save for the next edition of The 50 Greatest Moments at Madison Square Garden.

The Prince was treated like a peasant last night by the Leafs as his knights all went AWOL or turned into tin men. How does the royal psyche handle going from his best game of the year on Thursay to the worst game of his NHL career on Saturday? He allowed eight goals on 24 shots and who knows what the damage would have been if Renney hadn't pulled him.

Regarding the winning streak, Brooksie said it nicely:

The five-game winning streak that was largely constructed with wisps of smoke, reflections of mirrors, and heaping teaspoons of goaltending came to an essentially predictable end with a 9-2 debacle of a defeat to the Maple Leafs, in which the Blueshirts allowed more goals (eight) in the first 33:27 than they had (seven) in the previous 305:00.
The Maple Leafs fan blog enjoyed the game: "Leaf fans know their is nothing sweeter in hockey then seeing the Leafs give an opponent a real good thumping."

It looks like Renney will get Lundqvist back out on the ice tonight and give him a chance to forget last night as quickly as possible. Amen. The RangerPundit caught a break being out of the country and missing last night and the Rangers "worst defense effort in neary 14 years."

Let's see if the scuff marks on the crown have been buffed off and if a Musketeer or three shows up tonight to defend our Henrik and return fire.


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  • kaspar fan said...

    I'm at the point of utter frustration. The flu and injury has hit the team hard. But, if I have to say one positive thing, it's this: Thanks be to whoever finally came to their senses and put Oh No on waivers.

  • jb said...

    That is indeed one big bright spot that I think gives us all some hope for the second half of the year after this recent death march is over.

    Nice guy (Ozo), but he just didn't have any game left in his tank.