Friday, February 23, 2007

Remember The Point

That's what Tom Renney uttered after last nights game. "We got a valuable point" was his exact remark to the press after the game. What point? Was it the one point we got hanging on for dear life at the end? Was it the point we lost on Brian Rafalski's shot off Malik's stick, that eluded Lundqvist, and gave the Devil's their first goal? Was it the point we lost on Zach Parise's tying goal as Aaron Ward was gliding back into the play? Was it the point we lost by our Captain, our leader sitting on the bench during the shootout? Or was it the point we lost by the coach not taking the responsibility and ordering his reluctant star out there to take the shot? You think Shanahan would stay on the bench for a shootout? You think Mark Messier would pass up a shootout? He didn't even pass up defensive draws late in tight games.

Ah yes the shootout. The famed Gary Bettman, European soccer style shootout. Nylander matched Parise's goal but Hossa and Cullen couldn't win it, shooting pucks directly at Brodeur, no dekes or anything. Then Langenbrunner lucked one over Lundqvist, in what originally looked like a save, and then Prucha beat Brodeur but hit the crossbar. As I have said many times when facing the Devils it is better to be lucky than good. Brodeur made 28 saves and Lundqvist made 24 but clearly made the more spectacular saves. His save on Elias was out of this world as Elias and Gomez came in two on nothing as Ward was again completely out of the play.

But Renney said to remember this point. I remember a lot of points this year. The two points we lost to the bottom feeder Flyers last week. The two points we lost to Tampa Bay, after we blew a three goal lead, as they scored four goals in the third period. The previous night we blew a two goal lead as the Panthers scored three goals in the third period. The other points I remember are the eight points we pissed away to the Islanders. My family thinks I have a bad memory. I remember what I want to remember, but we have to remember last nights point.

What I mostly remember now is that our Captain, our star player, our leader sits on the bench during a critical shootout and the coach doesn't have the you know what to order him out there. Jaromir Jagr was not a popular player in the men's room outside of the Club Restaurant last night and he will become less popular if he continues to sit on the bench while the Rangers continue to rack up valuable one point games.

ICINGS: The Devil fans in the crowd last night agreed with the Ranger fans on at least one subject, Potvin sucks. Its amazing. The Rangers have what arguably could be the six worst defensemen on a team and they go after a guy who hasn't played in over thirty years. Potvin would never have been caught out of position as often as Aaron Ward has. If he had Al Arbour would have shown him to the bench and he would have remained there for a long time. The only Ranger defenseman who ever gets benched is Thomas Pock who will be leaving us next year for a great career in the NHL. Good luck Thomas.

February 23, 2007
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