Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ottawa Swoon Song

There is something about the Rangers going north of the border. They are 3-14 at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa and we all know their dismal record in Montreal and Toronto is not much better. And it doesn't matter how good or how bad they play, they always lose. Maybe we should cross the border and say we are draft dodgers and they will treat us better.

Henrik Lundqvist must be saying, "Dear Lord, protect me from my friends, I can handle my enemies." Michal Rozsival and Marek Malik gave their best impression of two drunken sailors in Scully Square when Mike Fisher torched Rozsival and Malik left Lundqvist naked as Andre Meszaros scored on a bad Ranger line change. No surprise there, we see that often only this time Lundqvist couldn't make the save of the year. Chris Drury was officially introduced to the Rangers when Strudwick picked him off to allow Daniel Alfredsson to score, and that was it, all in the space of 57 seconds. Maybe Struds still thinks that Drury is on the other team. As they say in that other non contact sport; game, set, match. Imagine this. The Rangers played seven good minutes out of sixty against Florida and won and 57 bad seconds against Ottawa and lose.

The other story is the loss of Sean Avery on an elbow to the shoulder by the old Lady Binger himself, Chris Neil. There is no doubt in my mind that Neil was going for the head and missed, no doubt. He also elbowed Petr Prucha in the head. The guy should be suspended for an attempt to injure. Neil got all of 15:29 of ice time and spent 13 minutes in the penalty box. He said he was disappointed in the penalties because the coaches congratulated him after the hits, and he said the hits were clean. Since when is elbowing a clean hit. So there are no goon coaches? I guess very few people in hockey are sad that Avery is hurt. I'm sure the Islanders will miss him Wednesday. Naturally no Ranger rushed to Avery's defense but Strudwick did challenge him later in the period and in my opinion Strudwick handled himself well, bloodied Neil and I think won the fight. Small consolation. By the way, where was Colton Orr? He spent all of 4:55 on the ice which I think is :55 above his normal average. You would think he would challenge Neil, no? What the hell do I know.

While Lundqvist was very good, 31-33, Martin Gerber, was perfect for Ottawa, 35-35. And all the Rangers big guys had plenty of opportunities but to no avail. While the consensus may be for Hossa to take over Avery's spot I'd rather see the Rangers bring up Nigel Dawes who would fit better with Gomez and Shanahan. Of course, the Rangers have no replacement for a guy who is basically the Rangers spine and does so many things needed to win a hockey game.

ICINGS: Hockey is a major sport. Don't believe it. Of the three major dailies only the Daily News covered the game with John Dellapina while the Post and Newsday sent wire stories.

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  • bilka said...

    I was trying to remember the last time Malik was in a fight. I assume he has, but I can't remember when. He's had defensive lapses in both games so far. It seems he's a weak link defensively. Malik, liability or asset? Because of his ice him they must see him as an asset. But until the make a change I think they'll be on a roller coaster of defensive breakdowns.

  • Section 423 said...

    Pundit, I agree with you completely on Orr. He is dressing not because of his goal scoring ability or his faceoff skills but to be the Rangers enforcer. If he is not going to protect his teammates or challenge thugs like Neil, than he should be replaced by someone who will drop the gloves to send a message. I am not a fan of "Flyer style" hockey but you HAVE to stop teams from taking runs at skill players before someone else joins Avery in the pressbox with an injury. The schedule says Rangers v. Isles Wednesday night and based upon what Nolan and his "character players" pulled in the pre-season, I would expect the same type of garbage and Orr had better be up to the challeng or he should grab the next bus to Hartford.

  • mike said...

    bilka-I'm older than you and I can't remember one. I think he accidently tripped into someone on opening night.

  • mike said...

    section 423-Is it Orr or is it Renney who is not sending him out when the other guys goons are out there? Renney better be ready for Nolan Wednesday night.