Friday, December 14, 2007

Kayvon Zahedi meets Mr. Glen Sather

Kayvon Zahedi meets Slats
Video: Kayvon meets Glen “Slats” Sather at NHL Awards:
What a truly hectic time and whirlwind adventure I had at the 2007 NHL Awards which were held at the Elgin Winter Garden Theatre in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Thursday, June 14, 2007. Before we even got to the red carpet, I had a chance to meet the great Glen Sather - supreme architect and general manager of the Edmonton Oiler dynasty (home of my all-time personal favorite, Mr. Glenn Anderson.) Well… meeting Slats didn’t quite turn out as expected...
Yep, that's our 'Slats', now supreme architect and general manager of the New York Rangers. Kayvon doesn't know Slats like Rangers fans do ...

Glen Sather aka the evil Dr. Zen Blatherthe evil Dr. Zen Blather

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  • The Dark Ranger said...

    Slats should give a good 'ole fashioned 'piss-off' to your favorite Coach. Fun video. Sather was so New Yorker and so 'not' Canadian for that moment.

  • mike said...

    tdr-Then the absentee owner should do 'the pisser' in and sell the team.

  • Johnny said...

    That kayvon guy is hilarious sort of a hockey version of Borat mixed with Stewie Griffin, LOL.
    The other clips with Gary Betman, Sidney Crosby, and Gordie Howe were great too.
    Thanks for turning me on to this guy!!

  • jb said...

    Yes, the kid sure gets around. He's part of this trend were kids are starting their 'show business' careers early. Like those Teenage Paparazzi. It's funny scary.