Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rangers Ready to Embrace Sunny? And Jettison Rosey?

warm embrace for teammateOkay, I was just looking for an excuse to post some gratuitous Olympic coverage. Who'd want to bet that Misty May and Kerry Walsh couldn't out jump every Ranger on the roster. Different muscles for different sports, you know. So what is the hockey equivalent of a 42" vertical jump?

I know that's not May and Walsh above, but this one ties into the embrace theme.

Speaking of super women jocks, the American woman who won the discus Monday, Stephanie Brown Trafton, would have given super decathlon stud Bob Mathias a run for his money at his specialty, the discus.

Bob Mathias, 6'3" 203 pounds, threw the men's discus (2kg) a distance of 144' 4" at the 1952 Olympics held in London. Trafton, who is 6'4" and 225 pounds threw the (1kg) women's discus 212' 5" in Beijing. Would she beat Mathias if she threw the heavier disk? Who has better form?

Anyway, back to hockey, so Brooksie is reporting that Matt Sundin is "itchin' to lace 'em up on Broadway." And that means "the Blueshirts would almost certainly have to move defenseman Michal Rozsival, who re-signed on July 1 for $5M per for four years."

Sunny for Rosey, who's going to argue against that move? But, that leaves the Rangers with only five defensemen. Hey, can we get Leetch back on the ice? Some guy named Chelios is still apparently playing at the god awful age of 46. If Leetch did come back would they have to take his number down?

And I bet 'Tomato Face' still has Malik's number if they need a warm half-dead body to play defense. Hank will just have to suck it up again. So we get Sunny and the imposing 6'6" embalmed Marek Malik back for Rosey. Happy days are here again.

I think Walsh & May could both out jump, out hit, and out-quick Merek, but I'm pretty sure he can still out skate them, but I'm not betting on that.

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  • Anonymous said...

    Have you forgotten our boy Tomas Pock...both of us believe he has been totally mis-handled and mia- used by the Ranger hierarchy of
    Slats & Tom.
    Both LA & the Yotes are well under the cap minimum, especially LA.
    LA is in desperate need of d-men.
    So sending Rozy there is not out of the question. May be we could get Cliche back since we traded him for Avery.
    Prucha, Mara, Betts & the rights to Baranka to Yotes for Sauer.
    In any case, those are the players
    and those are the 2 teams I think will be involved in any Sunny move.
    And who knows Shanny may not be far behind.

  • jb said...

    Nice break down of some possible scenarios. Thomas Pock must be wondering the same thing. Did they forget about me in NY. A guy who's getting up towards 27, who has to be wondering if he'll ever get a chance or will he just be buried in Hartford? Maybe Mike, or someone could explain to me, what exactly is the knock against this guy?

    Marc-Andre Cliche, there's an interesting name that I haven't heard in awhile. Still only 21, the Rangers thought he had value once, why not?

    Saur... I like his size, but have no idea if he has skills. Gretzky must like him if they gave him 4 years.

    I now see that Doug Fisher, at the Blue Shirts on Broadway blog, says no way should we get Sunny. Instead we should go after Shanny. The price for Sunny is too high, the re-shuffle is not worth it.

    Tomato Face is keeping a poker face as he guides our heroes. Going for Sunny is like an "all in" move.

  • mike said...

    Howard-Tomas Pock is indeed the forgotten man of the Rangers. I have praised him in the past and he could well step in and be the sixth defenseman, maybe even higher. Coach clueless never liked him. Don't ask me why? Possibly because he was an offensive minded defenseman. He played great against Atlanta in the four game sweep in 2007 but saw no ice time against Buffalo.

    Your trade looks good and makes room for both Sundin and Shanahan. See if you can find The Stealth and convince him to make the deal.

    Good post.

  • Anonymous said...

    Just read that one of the hold-ups with Sunny & Shanny has something
    to do with the NHLPA's approval on 9/15/08 of an extension of the current CBA (or something like that). The players are expected to give their approval. Until that vote is taken teams cannot give players over 35 yrs old bonuses that will carry over to the following year(s).
    Sundin is reported (within the last 24 hrs) to have said he'll make his decision by the (opening of)trainning camp. So all of this
    is now starting to make sense and why I believe both of them will sign with the Rangers.
    In the meantime I think 'stealth" is trying to work the deals.
    Notice, not one of the Hockey Blogs
    mentions anyrthing about the minimum cap hit the Kings & Yotes must take.
    So we'll see what goes down in the next 3 weeks.
    More on Pock in my next post.
    BTW, get me Slats' email address and maybe I can plant a few right ideas in his head (lol).
    You know mine, right?

  • mike said...

    Howard-Good thoughts. Try www.newyorkrangers.com to the great one's attention. Telephone # is 212-465-6000. Good luck.

  • Section 335 said...


  • mike said...

    section 335-You the man! Howard, there is your contact number for the Stealth.