Thursday, November 20, 2008


When the kids were small they had this game where you create a stack by adding things, I forget if it was cards or sticks, then pulling them out and hoping the deck doesn't collapse and when it does everyone yells, Ker-Plunk. That sounds like what happened last night only no one yelled Ker-Plunk. Someone should. Someone should yell something not only about last night but also about the previous games that they have been winning. It was evident last night why the Rangers were winning. It was because of Henrik Lundqvist and his outstanding play.

Last night Lundqvist decided to become a mere mortal, aided and very ably abetted by the Rangers . Lundqvist left early. He should have stayed and the rest of the team should have left. Years ago I saw the Ice Capades at the old Garden with Sonja Henie and they had a routine where a bunch of skaters came out, skated aimlessly and created havoc on the ice. That was the Rangers last night. It was completely out of control. It was chaos run amok.

When you have a debacle like this there is only one person to blame and that is the coach and his clueless coaching staff. Rozsival and Kalinin are now in a game of musical chairs. Remember Rozsival started out on the number one pairing with Redden and Kalinin was matched with Girardi on the number two. Eventually they found themselves with each other. Then last night they were together and then apart. Kalinin was matched with Mara and Rozsival with Staal. I got a good spot for both of them. Send them to Hartford. Bring up Corey Potter, Brian Fahey and Bobby Sanguinetti. The last one would make my friend Richie from Westchester, section 336, very happy.

But the apologists and "the real fans" will say that this is a one game aberration and we still have the best record in the league. We played three teams that the Islanders swept, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver, and how did we do? We were 1-1-1. But we committed the cardinal sin last night. We left our goalie naked. The guy who has been carrying us for the better part of three years was left to be embarrassed. We have long talked about what shape the Rangers would be in if Lundqvist went down. Last night coach clueless and his paper tigers showed us that it would be a very long season. Ker-Plunk!

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  • blow-me-down said...

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde again last night, but mostly Dr. Jekyll by far.

  • Section 335 said...

    I just figured out Renney's strategy last night.

    He figured the Prince is so good at winning in the shoot out that he would start with one.

  • blow-me-down said...

    But the Mr. Hyde part was great. All of this just reinforces my thoughts formed and continued since last year. Take the clamps off and play like you are able. Try just nodding your head in understanding when the coaches tell you certain things, remember to use that deep thoughtful look of appreciation too, they like that. Then toss most of the excitement-reduction strategy straight out of your pretty little head, and go out and play hockey.

  • jb said...

    You could also call the Rangers a bi-polar team. Extremes of good and bad play.

    Perhaps the team is this way because even with a quarter of the season done the offense lines and defensive pairings are still in flux game to game.

    For Ottawa indications are it might now be: Mara-Rozsival, Staal-Redden, Kalinin-Girardi.

    If you shuffle the deck and deal enough times maybe eventually you'll get a good hand. Hope he has it figured out by the playoffs.

  • Section 335 said...

    With 25% of the season gone, pairing should be tweaked, but not changed wholesale. Renney stinks.

    And, staying with the same six defensemen is playing with fire. Who is ready to step in if someone goes down?

    This will not be a first place team for long. Pittsburgh will pass them sooner than later.

  • blow-me-down said...

    Can't wait to get Gomez healthy and playing again, though I realize it won't be Saturday. Whatever time it takes to have him back to normal.

    Shuffling the pairings on defense is probably more necessary than up front. The objective should be to find a duo who can cover each other, and that comes with playing together. The only pairing I could say I don't want to see right now is Redden/Rozsival, it would be good to see this pair off the powerplay at least. We did see a bit of a break from that, so I hope it continues.

  • jb said...

    It's hard for the Rangers to play Devils hockey without Gomez. He must feel right at home under Tom's Cluster Bomb, 'excitement-reduction' system.

    The waiver of Rissmiller freed up cap space that some thought might be used for a 7th defensemen. But, Corey Potter and Brian Fahey seem to have been forgotten about, sort of like Prucha.

    A Redden/Rozsival pairing is a odd couple, sort of like Hugo Chavez dating Naomi Campbell.

  • blow-me-down said...

    Hugo Chavez/Naomi Campbell. This is a way more interesting pairing than Redden/Rozsival. I don't even care how they pinch. Campbell will always have good legs in the third and into overtime. Sign 'em both!

  • blow-me-down said...

    Hugo has to play the left side, though.

  • PerfectMomentProject said...

    Oh, yeah,
    Ker-Plunk. You may like this caper from my favorite Christmas memory.

    The day Christmas almost went Ker-Plunk