Friday, October 02, 2009

Things in My Crease — 10/2/09

It's Hockey Time!!! NHL season number 92.

Steve Zipay:
Rangers will be on their bench for Pens' ceremony --

To ensure that their players stay focused, some coaches keep them in the locker room during lengthy pregame ceremonies in road arenas.

Friday, Rangers coach John Tortorella and his players won't duck the Stanley Cup banner-raising in the Igloo before the season opener. They will watch the half-hour ceremony from the visiting bench...
Just wondering: would MSG sell the road team's bench seats (if vacant) for a 30 minute ceremony?
Yes, a new blog that follows the hockey fight game.
More evidence that our MSG stat keepers are blind.

Behind The Net:
What's the matter with Madison Square Garden? --
when we look at the data recorded in each NHL rink, we do find "rink effects" - the bias of those watching the game and recording the stats for us. For several seasons, Madison Square Garden has had the shortest shot distance in the NHL (see Alan Ryder's "Product Recall for Shot Quality" for more details.) This is not by chance; there are systematic errors in recording shot location (both for and against) at MSG.
Avs Getting a New Mascot --
It’s anyone’s guess as to what we’ll see..
Is this a sneak peek of the new Avs mascot? Some kind of furry dog (St. Bernard)?
So the Gomez-Gionta-Cammalleri line is called the "Smurf Line"? And they're already clicking?
Canadiens prevail over Maple Leafs in OT
Chris Sprow / ESPN:
In the NHL, We're All Winners --
Forget the Ivy League, the NHL is the real king of grade inflation. And it's genius! Really...
And no Avery.

Andrew Gross /
Rangers gaga for Gaborik --
Tortorella said there was "no possibility" Sean Avery (sprained right knee) would play tonight. …

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  • blow-me-down said...

    GaGa for Gaborik. I guess that describes me, too.

    He looked good tonight, though I wince every time he gets hit or falls down.

    Gotta get that negative feeling out of my head!

  • jb said...

    Yes, he looks like the real deal. Fragile, like fine crystal, but still the real deal.