Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is It All Over?

The much anticipated goalie duel between Marty and Henrik never materialized. Instead, Henrik played his worst game ever against Marty and the Devils, allowing five goals on seventeen shots leading up to a 6-3 Ranger loss. In the previous 24 games against Brodeur, Lundqvist was 16-3-5 with a GAA of 1.43 and a save percentage of .948. Granted three of the goals were deflections and two were off Rangers.

The Rangers have now lost four in a row and have gotten two points in those four games. They are now three points behind Boston for the last playoff spot and Boston has two games in hand. Lundqvist looks tired. Dubinsky is inconsistent. Avery doesn't get enough ice team. The league has figured out how to stop Gaborik. The lines get changed every period, sometimes every shift. The coach never stops screaming, especially on the bench and he might as well be a politician the way he handles his news conferences.

This is a team and a coach that is in complete disarray. This is an organization that is in chaos heading for a shipwreck. From top to bottom in the management chain there is nothing but mediocrity. So we continue with the charade that this is a playoff team and once we sneak in we will surprise a top team. Hogwash! We had the Caps down 3-1 last year and couldn't finish them off.

My wife was watching an old Sonja Henie movie this morning. It was Wintertime (1943). Henie was a Norwegian skating star of the 1930's and 1940's. My wife called me over to notice Henie skating. She's great, she remarked. "The Rangers could use her", I replied. "She's dead", she uttered. "So are the Rangers."

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  • rink roach said...

    Yankees spring training here I come.

  • Andrew said...

    I agree, they are in a lot of trouble, and Torterella has to go. This team does not respond to him period and the changing of the lines has to drive everyone crazy.
    Really wish Sather could fire himself, if anyone deserves it, he does. While he has done a decent job of getting younger and some talent, overall, the veteran imports are awful, sans Gaborik. His problem, like many other 1 star teams is that everyone knows, stop Gaborik, stop the Rangers.

  • mike said...

    rink roach-The crack of the bat does sound pretty good right now.

  • mike said...

    Andrew-And they are doing a good job of stopping him.