Friday, April 30, 2010

Dregs Rule The East

The dregs have taken over the hockey world. At least the Eastern half of the hockey world. The highest ranking team in the East is the fourth seeded Penguins and had Alex Kovalev been available for the Senators it would be an all dregs semis in the East.

Washington, the number one seed, suffered the biggest indignity blowing a 3-1 lead and losing to 8th seeded Montreal. This was a turnaround from last year when the Caps put the reversal on our heroes, the Rangers. Of course, now we know that the Rangers are the ultimate dregs. It doesn't look any better for our heroes next year with coach disagreeable coming back along with The Stealth.

All we will have going for us is Lundqvist and Staal. Gaborik is a big goal scorer but not a big game player. Avery looks like all but gone as he and coach disagreeable just don't see eye to eye. To me, all the rest of the team is expendable. Destroy it all and start from scratch.

The West seems to be going according to form with the top three seeds along with the always dangerous Red Wings. What would the playoffs be without the Red Wings making a run and the Rangers disappointing us. Besides the dregs making such a strong showing the road teams have won more games than the home teams. So much for the home ice advantage. Let the dregs, er games, continue.

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