Friday, September 24, 2010

Hockey's Back

It actually started for me two weeks ago at one of those camps the Rangers run for the kids. This one was at Freeport, LI and featured Brian Mullin. The picture above is from the camp run by Adam Graves. That's grandson Nicholas on the left, digging hard. God grant me the years that I could see him skate in the NHL.

However, last night the Rangers and Devils played an exhibition game at MSG and it turned out to be an OK game. Hockey, unfortunately shows up as baseball heats up toward the playoffs and college football is saturating the TV waves. Nonetheless, they played a nice game at the Garden last night.

Marian Gaborik was in mid season form with two PP goals and newcomer Alex Frolov showed that he may be a force as he rediscovers his skills. To me though, the big story is the performance of the kids, namely Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh and a belated kid, Brian Boyle who played up to his body.

The Rangers should forget the hunt for a number one center and go with Stepan and it looks like Boyle could be the number four center or quite possibly number three if he remembers to use his physical skills. Anyway, a good start, in a crowded sports arena.


If you don’t like Sean Avery, you just don’t get it… Sean Avery is the NHL's version of Alex from Clockwork Orange. Raised by seemingly mild mannered people, and yet is insane.

How will our Prince do this year? Biron is the BUG-MAN on campus, "Back-Up Goalie Must-ANswer" questions.

Jesse Spector / NY Post:
Martin Biron may be most important New York Rangers acquisition as backup goalie to Henrik Lundqvist
Lots of folks getting worked-up over Derek Stepan.

The Hockey Writers:
Derek Stepan, American Hero -- Derek Stepan is to the Rangers as Heath Ledger is to the Dark Knight. Without Heath, the movie would just be Christian Bale screaming at camera men and ramming his motorcycle into buildings just to watch it shapeshift. Without Derek, the Rangers would just be another team spiraling further and further into the abyss of its perpetual tryout for a number one center...
Devils fans try to talk hockey, but it quickly goes downhill in this new podcast.

Puck Nuts -- In this all-new sports themed show, Walt, Ming, Bry, and Sunday Jeff discuss the Devil's turbulent Kovalchuk acquisition...

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