Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pen Fried

Don't let the score fool you, 3-1, this was as one sided as a game can get. The Pens who are excellent on the road, 9-3-1, and overall 16-8-2, had no trouble with the Rangers who are now 5-7-1 at the Garden Of Screams. Can't blame the refs either, even if they missed a Crosby slew foot. The Pens were 0-1 on the power play and the Rangers 0-3. Just say the Blueshirts were out manned, out played and out matched.

The Rangers were outshot 27-26, but I would be hard pressed to remember how many difficult saves Fleury made while Lundqvist kept the score respectable with some key stops. Gaborik tallied the only Ranger goal.

This was a game between a contender and a pretender. If the Rangers are going to actually make a serious run they need consistency. They also need a bona fide first line center man instead of the revolving door we now have. Put one guy there, Stepan, and let him work with the wingers without getting changed every third shift. Of course that goes with the rest of the team. Lines seem to get changed without rhyme or reason. The game plan seems to depend on the performance of the goalie. If he's on, we have a chance, otherwise its what we used to call in the old neighborhood, a cops grab.

If this home ice debacle continues we may have to call in the cops or the fire department to rescue this season. It's obvious the coaches don't know how to do it.

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