Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Tampa Bay

The Rangers were in a holiday festive mood and Michal Rozsival and Dan Girardi played Santa Claus to the kids from Tampa Bay. What wonderful giveaways to St. Louis and Stamkos for the Lightnings first two goals. But this is the season for giving and why not. It is surprising that Rozsival still has to give. You would think he would be dry by now. But no sweat he has a large sack. However, unlike Santa who only gives around Christmas, Rozsival gives all year long. He is an equal opportunity give away artist.

The loss, though not unexpected marred the fine performance of two young stars, Derek Stepan and Mats Zuccarello. With a name like that Mats can't miss. Stepan scored the game tying goal that gave the Rangers a point. Mats scored the shootout tying goal but it was to no avail as Tampa Bay won the shootout in the eleventh round. Zuccarello was rewarded for his hard work by being returned to Hartford. Rozsival will be rewarded with another 20 plus minutes of ice time the next game.

Christmas may only come once a year but when Michal Rozsival is on the ice it's Christmas every day, for the other team.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


Kevin D. over at The NY Rangers blog does a great job keeping us updated on the Vote Avery into the All-Star Game campaign and all things Avery. Keep it up Kevin and Sean will come and crash your 80th birthday party. So here's a A-very Merry Christmas.

NY Rangers Blog:
NHL Promoting Avery Write-in Campaign --

Could it be that the NHL in some crazy way is excited about the possibility of the exposure an Avery All Star bid would bring to the game? Nah...
NY Rangers Blog:
We Need A Little Avery Right This Very Minute --
As part of Puck Daddy's NHL Holiday Card/Song Art Contest, comes these two Sean Avery inspired Christmas songs...
NY Rangers Blog:
All I Want for Christmas Is Avery in the All Star Game --
... we can really take advantage of the Christmas weekend as voting is sure to be way down. As long as we keep voting, Avery is sure to make a big comeback...
NY Rangers Blog:
Avery Continues Climb & Cuts Into Lead for All Star Game -- released the latest All Star Game balloting numbers and Sean Avery continued his climb up the rankings to #16 jumping Johan Franzen and Eric Staal with 129,580 votes...
NY Rangers Blog:
A Young Avery on 'The Season' --
With HBO's 24/7 all the rage, From the Rink gives us every episode of ESPN's The Season covering the Detroit Red Wings' 2002-2003 season. One episode included a large segment on a brash rookie named Sean Avery (2 minute mark)...
Could not agree more with the coaching craziness and "mistreatment" regarding Sean's playing time. Why in God's name would 3 D-men: Rozsival, Staal, and especially Matt Gilroy get shootout chances ahead of Sean Avery? Gilroy has not scored a goal this year. Torts has some serious issues regarding Sean Avery. Why sacrifice a chance at a shootout win by not using him ahead of Gilroy?  This is ridiculous.

The Rangers Tribune:
Avery Being Mistreated by Coaches --
It has gotten to the point where I have no choice but to address the issue. Sean Avery is being mistreated by the coaching staff and the fact that the pesky forward did not get an attempt in last night’s 11-round shootout against the Tampa Bay Lightning was the final straw...

And then last night, in an eleven round shootout, many fans were calling for Avery to be put out there. I would know since I was in attendance among the Garden crowd. But when players like Michal Rozsival were coming over the boards, we all collectively realized that whatever Tortorella has against Avery was getting in the way of him getting a chance, and that there would be no Sean Avery in the shootout...

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