Sunday, December 12, 2010

Road Magic Goes Poof

The Rangers road magic ended with a thud last night when their rock, Henrik Lundqvist, cracked and let in a soft goal by Rick Nash in a devastating loss, 3-1, to the Columbus Blue Jackets. This was a game that the Rangers should have won as Columbus was reeling with a 1-5-1 record but as we have seen before, the Rangers couldn't capitalize on the opportunity.

While it is easy to blame Lundqvist for letting in a soft goal, where was the offense? With Gaborik struggling to score there doesn't seem to be anyone to pick up the slack. The only goal scored last night was by Marc Staal. The Rangers put 32 snots on goal but were 1-5 on the power play. I guess when you are struggling 20% on the power play is pretty good. Of course it would probably help if the lines stayed together for a whole game.

So tonight it's the Caps at the Garden, where the Rangers are 6-8-1. Can't make the playoffs with a losing home record and can't make the playoffs relying on one guy to score, especially when he is in a scoring slump. The Rangers have the grit and the determination. What they need now is some scoring help before it's too late.

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