Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not Quite Good Enough

The Rangers outshot the Flyers 39-24, outhit them 31-28 and even blocked more shots, 21-17, but where it counted, on the scoreboard, they fell short. But that has been the story of the season, falling short on offense. But, while the Rangers put on a furious drive in the third period I never had the feeling that the Flyers weren't in complete control.

The Rangers outshot the Flyers 15-3 in the third period, had numerous chances and Derek Stepan scored the only goal that brought the Rangers to within one. An empty netter gave the Flyers a two goal win.

The Rangers lost Gaborik early, but based on his recent performance I doubt that it hurt the Rangers. What I found amazing was that the trio of Boyle, 12:38, Prust, 10:21, and Avery, 10:15, got the least amount of ice time of any of the Rangers forwards. The trio combined for five shots, five hits and eight blocked shots.

Along with Callahan, this trio forms the heart of the grind it out philosophy that has brought this team to its level. Let's face it Gaborik has been invisible this season. He stays away from the middle of the ice and has reduced his game to a perimeter game. Is there an injury there that we are not aware of? Not today's injury, I'm talking about all season long. This is Gaborik's worst season of his career, so what is the story?

Anyhow, another big loss. We can't beat the Flyers and the Devils are coming like gangbusters. Is it worth the playoffs and a one round elimination? The only ones that would benefit are the coach and the GM. It eases the pressure on them. I want the pressure increased on both as I would prefer both gone. We have gone all year with a poor offense, a bad power play and we cannot protect our goalie. This is not a prescription for success, it is one of continued long time failure.

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  • 'nova said...

    I don't see a trade for a defenseman making a lick of difference. The offense is the problem. Where is Dubinsky? Where is Callahan? And I agree why isn't Boyle out there more? He and Duby are their leading scorers. I think Prust is banged up and might not be 100%. Avery looks like he's lost confidence that he can score. The offenses gives me no hope for a come back in games they go down a couple goals. All the shots are from the perimeter. The Rangers might grind out a playoff spot, but they need someone to step up big for a run. Mood: very concerned.

  • mike said...

    'nova-You should be concerned. I'm concerned that very little will change for next year with the current coach and GM. Stay tuned.