Friday, March 25, 2011

Encore Snooze

Yep, the Rangers did it again. I thought it would be impossible to follow up the yawner against Florida with an equally boring encore and yes, they did it. Aided and abetted by coach disagreeable the Rangers put on another non-event against a team hopelessly out of the league. The Rangers are getting into the habit of playing down to the level of the team they are playing. Imagine. Scoring two goals in two games against the 14th and 15th place teams in the Eastern Conference.

Why blame coach disagreeable? The team comes out flat. Almost every game the team is tentative. They are afraid to make mistakes. Unless your name is Callahan and Dubinsky you have to be afraid of what you do. You don't believe that? Last night four players got eleven or less minutes of ice time. One player, Zuccarello got all of 7:44. In fact, I believe that Zuccy, Christensen and Wolski are there for the shootout.

How many players has this coach thrown under the bus? Lundqvist, Gaborik, two of the team's top players who must perform if the Rangers are to be relevant in the playoffs. Avery? He might as well buy the bus and take it out of town. But the homer boys were thrilled with the point. It's a big point said Sam. You betcha echoed Joe. And the blame stream media are all in sync. It's a big point.

OK. So we yawn and bore our fans in the playoffs, where we all take the bus into oblivion. Maybe by then coach disagreeable will be the driver and go back to Boston or Tampa, if they will take him. Maybe he will become a hockey writer and he can make those stupid faces at himself. Yawn!

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  • Slashman said...

    I think its time for Torts to shake up the lines again. They've gone cold. Cally-Arty-Gabby (the ends in y line) Dubi-Zucci-Girardi (the ends in i line), Sep-Pru-Boyle (the guys who don't end in i or y line). What do you think?

  • mike said...

    Slashman-How about Gabby, Zuccy and Avery (the guys who end in Y)?