Friday, April 15, 2011

Playing the Wild Card: Sean Avery

So Torts said that Sean Avery will play tonight. Tortorella: "Hopefully Sean can add some energy to lineup." He's our crazy #16 wild card, for sure. Who knows what we get: three penalties and six minutes of ice time or three assists and sixteen minutes of ice time??

Sean Avery is Rangers Wild Card
Sean Fitz-Gerald of Canada's National Post ask the big question:
Do the Rangers need Sean Avery?
John Tortorella enlivens the Internet. It is filled with images of his gritted teeth, his scowl and even of his Stanley Cup win. There are videos of his profanity, and there is also proof the New York Rangers coach is not much different from the fans watching at home.

Even the most casual search, for example, reveals that he, like many, dislikes Sean Avery.

“Send him home,” he said. “He doesn’t belong in the league.” ...

Avery led the Rangers in penalty minutes this year (174), but only scored three goals with wildly different workloads. He averaged 11 minutes of ice time, but spent plenty of time at both ends of the scale, playing 15 minutes one night, and about eight the next.

The trouble for Tortorella has always been the penalties, which happen often when Avery falls from the tightrope he walks between agitation and illegality...

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  • Luke said...

    Well, I'm not sure it was worth staying up till 3am for.....

    But I think Avery did himself proud. Was hard to tell if he was in the wrong with the few offsides he caused (I am listening on the radio). Other than that I can't fault his performance.

    Not sure where Gabby is, feels like I've not heard his name in over an hour? Shame he couldn't get us a goal.

    I get the feeling we're just not able to match up with their skilled players? Hopefully our young core is seeing this is good experience and we can keep building on it.

    Based on tonight I can't see us coming back. You can't win if you can't score, no matter how good the king is.

  • blow-me-down said...

    I am no fan of Tortorella's whimsical line shiftings.

    Perhaps the Capitals are too good. I am not convinced that that is true until they have won 4 games.

    Washington is incredibly skilled, but I'm still waiting for the Rangers to fully show up. I'm not being hard on the rookies, and I really like the fact that Sauer and McDonagh are seeing what playoff hockey is about.

    Gaborik was the best Ranger out there tonight. No, he did not score, but I still think he was the best Ranger.

    Where were some of the other players tonight? Yes, where was Dubinsky. Where was Anisimov. Where was Wolski.

    I completely believe that the Capitals are a much improved team. Perhaps the prevailing thought is that the Rangers cannot win against them.

    I will never subscribe to that thought. I think the Rangers can make a series of this at MSG. I really do. If they make a real effort, that will be good enough for me. I don't like saying this, but NYR were pushed around all night Friday night. They never really asserted themselves.

  • jb said...

    The NY Post agreed that Avery played a very strong game with their article: "Avery can't fire 'em up."

    Hard to figure why Gaborick can't score? Is he hesitating a moment too long when he fires the wrister?

    I guess I'm in the camp that still holds out a little hope that the Rangers might be able to comeback. Get some dirty goals and hope Lundqvist can keep them in it.