Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ice beats Heat

A bad NHL game is better than a great NBA game. If you're reading this blog that's a memo from Captain Obvious. The ticket prices for the NHL and NBA finals are evidence that the Stanley Cup has more juice than the NBA finals.

Fan Snap:
Stanley Cup Bigger than the NBA Finals According to Ticket Demand

Average listing price for tickets to the NBA Finals is $924. Average listing price for Stanley Cup Finals is $1,518...

NHL and NBA Finals' Ticket Price Premiums: Bruins Win!
For the first time since 1990, the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup. For the opportunity to witness a piece of the first Stanley Cup Title since the days of Orr, fans are paying a hefty premium over the regular season average price -- 1,220% to be exact. In the world of sports ticket data, Final premiums are the most scientific measure of raw fanatical emotion, and one the few consumer transactions where discretion can be checked at the door without hesitation...
Real Clear Sports:
Stanley Cup Finals Cooler Than NBA Finals
1. The cities. Boston and Vancouver vs. Miami and Dallas? A mismatch. America’s universal college town is paired with every North American’s favorite city they’ve never been to. Miami was cool in the ‘80s; Dallas isn’t even the coolest city in its own Metroplex...

8. Settling scores. Things got a little chippy along the boards? It’s OK, they’ll be on the ice together eventually and nobody forgets a thing. If a hard check doesn’t satisfy, drop the gloves and duke it out. In the NBA, hard fouls lead to a conference among the referees to determine if it’s a flagrant, and if so, is it Category One or Two? Please...
Boston Herald:
Stanley Cup Game 1 earns best rating since 1999 --
The Vancouver Canucks’ last-second 1-0 win over the Boston Bruins earned a 3.2 overnight rating and 6 share on NBC on Wednesday. That’s up 14 percent from last year’s Philadelphia-Chicago Game 1 and the highest since a 3.7 for Buffalo-Dallas in 1999...

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