Saturday, August 06, 2011

It's All Good After Visit to LA Penalty Box

After spending over 5 hours in the real penalty box Sean Avery is sanguine after his little altercation with LA's finest early Friday morning. He told the NY Post that "I'm all right, I'm good," and "it'll all work out at some point."

NY Post:
Rangers' Avery busted in LA cop fight --

"I'm all right, I'm good," a relaxed, smiling Avery, 31, told The Post at his Spanish bungalow in the West Hollywood hills after posting $20,000 bond on the battery charge.

"It'll all work out at some point," predicted Avery, whose on- and off-ice antagonism toward opponents and coaches have made him one of the NHL's most-hated players during his career.

On Thursday night, Avery was hosting a soiree for about 10 guests at his home, neighbors said.

Although there was "some loud talking" and "music," several neighbors said they were not bothered by the noise.

But one neighbor was bothered -- and called cops...

Avery is due to appear in Los Angeles court Sept. 2. He faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

"We will discuss this matter with Sean, and have no further comment at this time," said Rangers spokesman John Roscasco...
Great. If Sean is not worried, we won't worry.

TMZ the LA gossipmonger, apparently in honor of Sean Avery putting ice hockey back on the front page, put together a nice collection of hockey fight photos. The Rangers' Brandon Prust is prominently featured.
Hockey Fights --

During the summer Prust tweeted that the fight with Mike Rupp was the one he hurt his shoulder in, but he had no hard feelings.

Twitter / BrandonPrust8:
nope! Altho that's the fight I hurt my shoulder in! rt “ watched the Prust Rupp fight from last year, no hard feelins?

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  • Luke said...

    Thanks for the update Pundit, certainly spices up the summer sports sections!

    I'm glad Avery is not worried, Personally my paranoia levels are....... generally high. I'm trying to relax despite my worry.

  • jb said...

    I think Avery is going to need a very good lawyer, and/or hopefully a good witness or 2 from his party, who will corroborate his side of the story.

    He's certainly put himself back on thin ice. This could be all the excuse Torts needs to banish him, maybe to Hartford. That's a long way from Hollywood.