Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buildup to Home Opener

Here are some random notes as we get ready for the home opener tomorrow night against the Leafs.

1. The MSG network is naturally leading the hoop-dee-doo about the new Madison Square Garden. They will blanket the network with Rangers related shows all day. The most interesting one is this new show called "Beginnings." I'll probably check out or record the 10pm premier about Ryan Callahan.
MSG Network Goes Back to the “Beginnings” --

Rangers captain Ryan Callahan kicks off the series as MSG Network’s cameras join him in Rochester, NY to see how he made it from a suburban cul-de-sac to the bright lights of New York City. Throughout the 30-minute show, Callahan talks about the pursuit of his dream to play in the NHL, his experience as a member of the USA Olympic team, and what it was like to get drafted by the Rangers.

In the episode, Callahan tells a story about a pick-up game with his brother in the driveway. “Once in a while the games got a little physical,” recalls Callahan. “One time my brother got into me pretty good and we both went through the garage door. My dad got home from work, stormed into the house and said ‘what happened to the garage door?’ and I said ‘hockey, that’s what happened to the garage door.’” ...

2. Setting all the hype aside, the new MSG will not be a bed of roses. As a season subscriber Scotty Hockey just got an email that paints a very different picture for the haves and have nots.

Scotty Hockey / Another Letter ...
The Rangers called season subscribers this afternoon to alert them that the below e-mail was coming. Essentially it says that things will be great for the people who will spend a lot of money and sit downstairs but for those folks upstairs, life will be very inconvenient...

All 300 Level seat locations on the North and South ends of the building are accessible from the 7th floor concourse. For this season, the 7th floor will not wrap completely around The Garden meaning that access from the North side of the 7th floor to the South side of the 7th floor (and vice versa) is only available by using the Madison Concourse (6th floor). As a result, for those locations on the North side of the building (Sections 328 - 341), Tower D is the only access point. Should you attempt entry at Tower A, your ticket will not scan and you will be redirected to Tower D. For those locations on the south side of the building (Sections 303 - 316), Tower A is the only access point. Should you attempt entry at Tower D, your ticket will not scan and you will be redirected to Tower A...
And so it goes.
3. The Hockey News posted their Power Rankings earlier this week. Not surprisingly, the Rangers were ranked #23. However, the item that caught my eye was Adam Proteau's comment:

Yes, the 16-second Torts post-game press conference was an "ominous harbinger."

4. There is apparently this website called facebook that seems to be getting pretty popular. No, the Ranger Pundit has not planted his face on facebook yet. But, for those readers who are in the facebook world here is a website where you can get your hockey facebook covers, whatever those things are.
Hockey Facebook Covers --

New York Rangers Facebook Cover


5. Here is the blind-side hit by Adam Mair on Mats Zuccarello during Saturday night's (Oct. 22nd) game vs. Springfield. Blake Parlett of the Whale then goes after Mair for the cheap shot. Zuccarello reportedly suffered a 'slight' concussion and Mair was suspended for four games.

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