Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flames Pregame Roundup

Here are a few notes of interest before tonight's game against the Calgary Flames.
Preview: Flames vs. Rangers --

Both teams are off to uneven starts, but enter this game off stirring victories Tuesday. The Rangers played two scoreless periods with the Canucks in Vancouver before scoring four times in the third period to win 4-0. The Flames looked like they were going to fall at home to the Oilers before getting two quick goals in the final six minutes to win 2-1...
Lundqvist's great performance on Tuesday is still resonating. This excerpt from the Canucks Misconduct blog is a nice parting shot:
The [Vancouver] forwards getting lit up by Henrik Lundqvist is really nothing to be ashamed about. He's a goalie who records a lot of shutouts and is variably inconsistent between "dominating" and "pretty good goalie" and has now shut the Canucks out in consecutive games and stopped 71 consecutive shots...
The Calgary Flames 'hit the post' blog writes a love letter to the New York Rangers:
the move you pulled last night showed me, maybe for the first time, that you really care. i'm so flattered. i mean, i presume that you made the canucks look bad for MY benefit, and i imagine that you made the home fans jeer their starting 'tender just to make me smile. oh, rangers...

i should point out that i don't think much of your coach or your GM, and you DID harbour sean avery for years.... all forgiven, of course, when i think about how you turned our prusty into a real man... we agonize about his absence sometimes, but we're really proud of what he's done for you...
We love Calgary too, any town built around a stampede sounds like fun.
There have been a few photos coming out of the newly renovated Madison Square Garden. MSG has spared no expense and the ticket prices will reflect the reality of a $850 million dollar facelift. The MSG CEO said the fans requested to "get closer" and that's why they built this so called Delta SKY360 club for the elite 800. It really seems like the big corporate money rather than the lowly fans are the ones more likely to enjoy this new perk.

CNBC Sports Biz:

"We obviously gutted the whole place so we had an opportunity to do what we wanted," said Hank Ratner, president and CEO of Madison Square Garden. "We did surveys and fans, not surprisingly, told us they wanted to get closer. So we did this."

The area in the arena is called the Delta SKY360 Club and fans can watch the Knicks and Rangers go from their locker rooms onto the court and ice before they go to their seats. Those fans can also watch through the glass to see what is going on in the MSG studio.

There are 800 season ticket holders (sold separately for Knicks and Rangers fans) that have access to the club and they pay an undisclosed amount for the all-inclusive tickets, which include a seat just above the floor, food and non-alcoholic drinks...
The new Rangers locker room looks great too, but the visitors appear to be getting the short end of the stick.

NY Post: MSG Renovations - new Rangers locker room
MSG - newly renovated visitor's locker room
update - MSG renovation video:

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