Friday, October 21, 2011

Rangers Douse Flames

Talk about last second heroics. Ryan McDonagh's OT winner with 1.8 seconds left in overtime was one sweet coup de grâce. It closed out a 3-2 win over a game and gritty Calgary Flames team that had come back twice against the Rangers to even the score and send the game into the extra frame. It also redeemed Ryan McDonagh from giveaway goathood. They say he had three cough-ups, but who's counting.

It's an especially nice win that rewards all the diehards who stayed up late to watch it. Paying the Zombie price for a late game that you lose is a kick in the ham and eggs.

Anyway, here are a few random game notes:

First, a complaint, was I the only one who had a video signal that had the hiccups all night long? Please, Verizon or MSG or whoever was stepping on the game telecast knock it off, it's distracting.

Second, how sweet was it for Brandon Prust to score a short-handed goal against his old team? He was certainly worthy of wearing the 'Broadway hat', although today I see the writers are referring to it as the 'winning hat.' I personally prefer the 'Broadway hat', it sounds more New York. The Ranger Pundit, I'm sure, remembers when every self respecting man, who went to work in a suit and tie, wore a nice hat and we're not talking ratty old baseball caps. Come to think of it why do they call a three goal game for a player a hat trick?

Lundqvist was certainly hat worthy again. But, then I guess for the King, anything less than perfection these days, isn't anything special. If this bump in performance by Henrik is due to his wearing new skates, then any drop off should require the equipment manager to immediately place a fresh pair in his locker.

Brad Richards is quietly racking up the points. His 500th career assist to Gabby on the power play was hopefully the spark that ignites that unit, to blast them out of the league basement. Right now short handed goals and power play goals are even, at one apiece.

You can put a fresh coat of paint on a condemned house, but it's still a rotting house. Let's hope that Richards is more than a fresh coat of paint on the power play unit. The team is paying for a master carpenter with some plumbing skills. A major renovation is needed.

NY Post: Brandon Prust wears the NY Rangers 'winning hat'
The Calgary fans were mild mannered until Tim Erixon hit the ice. Then they got all riled up. This behavior has to go in the 'very weak' category.

BlueShirts United:
Erixon Handles Boos -- Fans of the Calgary Flames were not happy when Tim Erixon did not sign with the team that made him a first round draft pick and was subsequently traded to the Rangers this past summer, and those fans loudly booed the rookie defenseman every time he touched the puck Thursday night at the Saddledome...
I heard (the boos), but I didn't really think about it. I just tried to go out there and play my game. Oh yeah, I heard it, but I don't really care about it. They didn't bother me.
— Tim Erixon

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