Sunday, November 20, 2011

Horrific House!

They say there is no such thing as a sure thing in sports. I disagree. The Rangers losing at Montreal is a sure thing. In 86 years of NHL hockey the Rangers have won all of 64 games in Montreal. Old rink, new rink, their frozen river, the Great Lakes, whatever the Rangers will lose. The coach put Biron in the nets as the sacrificial lamb, it didn't matter. He could have put Lundqvist along side Biron and the Rangers still would have lost. It's called Montreal. They say that Montreal is circulating a petition to have the Rangers moved to the Northeast division.

The Rangers got all of fifteen shots on goal. They probably had more shots in the local pub the night before. How bad was it? Scotty Gomez was the number two star. For Gomez to be the star of anything is a joke. But that is what happens when you enter the House Of Horrors.The Christians had a better chance with the Lions in the Coliseum than the Rangers have against the Canadiens in Montreal.

The good news is that we don't get back to Montreal until January. The bad news is that some real good teams are waiting for us next week. Wednesday we are at Florida and then Friday and Saturday we are at the Caps and the Flyers come to the Garden. But at least our Christmas won't be ruined by a holiday trip to Montreal.

Oooooh Canada!!!

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  • blow-me-down said...

    Being the eternal optimist, I waited for the Rangers to settle into their game. Horrible history in the house of horrors not withstanding, I really thought they would try to make sure that this time in Montreal, the result would be different.

    Maybe I will never understand it. One thing I do understand is that if you move as slowly, methodically and uncreatively as the Rangers did last night, against a team of buzz-saws like the Habs are, good luck.

    The guys just looked slow and totally inefficient. Couldn't hit the net half the time when they did get a shot. That game is behind them now, but still, I find it hard to accept the same old same old every time when they visit these guys.

    They need to pretend it never happened and get their legs and their forecheck back for the Panthers. Cannot take the Panthers lightly, can't take any team lightly.

  • mhurley said...

    Bravo Blow!

  • jb said...

    The good news was that at least Gomez didn't score his first goal, the bad news - he only got two assists.

    I'm trying to understand why the Rangers were missing the net so frequently in this game. Some Montreal voodoo?

    With hindsight, I wish I'd signed up for the UFC fights, they had a great card last night.

  • blow-me-down said...

    Thanks Mhurley. Maybe next time, hey? (sigh)

    JB - it figures Gomez would look like a real player last night, after we discussed how inneftive he is.

    It sure is a good thing NYR isn't in the same division as Les Habitants.