Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trick or Treat?

Was it a trick the way the Rangers played most of the game last night? I say most because there was still too many gaffes. Or was it a treat that will now become part of the team's mojo? Or was it the fact that Sean Avery's comeback is imminent and forced all these players like Stepan, Anisimov and Christensen just to name a few, who supposedly are so much better players than Sean, to play much better than they have? This according to the all knowing, all wise, all obnoxious, coach disagreeable.

Anyhow, one player who needs no puffing and buildup, Ryan Callahan, kept up his outstanding play with two goals, the last one definitely being a highlight film goal. Ryan McDonagh also continued his fine play and opened the scoring in the game. The other two goals were scored by the aforementioned Stepan and Anisimov, who hit the back of the net for the first time.

It was a big win against a good team, on a long road trip, and who looked tired after the first period. Marty Biron, in his backup role, won his second game and was sharp throughout.

So now we are set for Thursday's drama. Will Sean Avery clear waivers? Will he be able to crack this tough lineup? Will coach disagreeable risk a showdown and shout down with the fans by relegating Sean to the bench? Stay tuned for these and other results relating to your favorite team coached by a most disagreeable one.


We are collecting the pictures of all the 'Broadway Hat' wearers. Ryan Callahan deservedly wears the chapeau as the game MVP.

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