Saturday, December 31, 2011

The 'Meatheads' Update

George Richards, a Miami Herald sportswriter, and On Frozen Pond blogger provides an updated Florida perspective on the Del Zotto/Kopecky/Rupp kerfuffle from last night's game.

The NHL announced this afternoon that both both Tomas Kopecky and Del Zotto would be fined the maximum $2,500.

Did Panthers Coach, Kevin Dineen, really say that Del Zotto got exactly what he deserved? He also called the Rangers on the ice at the end of the game "meatheads."

The Panther website concluded their game wrap-up by saying: "Should make for an interesting match-up come January 5th in New York when the two teams meet for a fourth time this season."


George Richards / On Frozen Blog:
Florida Panthers Tomas Kopecky NOT SUSPENDED for Punching Rangers Del Zotto, Fighting with Rupp ...

Tomas Kopecky got a match penalty for punching Michael Del Zotto in the face after taking a stick to the head late in Florida's 4-1 loss to the Rangers.

Rangers coach John Tortorella said it was ''a cheap shot. With no honor.''

Kevin Dineen said Del Zotto got exactly what he deserved.

Looks like Del Zotto knew a fight was coming and Kopecky's punch connected. If there's a real cheapie in there, how about Mike Rupp punching Kopecky as he's getting off the ice? ...

Kopecky spoke with NHL discipline czar Brendan Shanahan early Saturday and will not be suspended for his actions Friday...
George Richards / On Frozen Blog:
Extra Special Florida Panthers... Talking Kopecky, Rangers 'Meatheads,' Theodore, Clemmensen, Goc and Much, Much More!
“I was really irritated last night and that was very upsetting,'' Dineen said. “I give the powers that be a lot of credit because they analyzed the situation, looked at a lot of video.

"I was chomping at the bit at the whole situation, especially [Mike] Rupp working his way around to jump [Kopecky] and get him. At the end of it, there will be fines handed down to both Tomas and some of their players. There is still some evaluation as far as their actions.

“There is no suspension.''

-- Krys Barch got a game misconduct when he came out for the face off following the scrap. Why was Barch on the ice at that time?

“All of a sudden [the Rangers] threw out some more meatheads at the end of the game,'' Dineen said, “and when they do that, you don't have a choice but to .-.-. there were only seven seconds left in the game.

"If they're going to put those kind of guys on the ice, we're going to come with the best response for us. The officials did a good job of controlling the situation, although there wasn't much to it.''

Guess who is really looking forward to the rematch next week at the Garden? ..

Game time temperature in Philadelphia for the Rangers-Flyers Alumni game is expected to be 53°F

Travis Hughes / SB Nation:
Winter Classic Alumni Game: 4
The sun tried its best to dampen the mood at the Winter Classic, burning its way onto the field at Citizens Bank Park and turning the ice as soft as cookie dough. As a result, everybody has an extra two hours of drinking ahead of them before the puck drops on the sold out Alumni Game contest between the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers...
2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic by the numbers --
39 -- Average temperature in Fahrenheit at puck drop for the four NHL Winter Classics (2008 -- 31.1, 2009 -- 31.9, 2010 -- 39.6, 2011 -- 51.7)

69 -- A total of 69 players have played for both the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers. (see the list)

350 -- Gallons of paint used to make Citizens Bank Park™ ice white ...

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