Thursday, January 12, 2012

Freeing the Carbonite Man?

Will Sean Avery be freed?

The idea of the New York Rangers making a possible move with Sean Avery is getting a lot of attention today. It was sparked by a Larry Brooks story in the NY Post.

Yesterday's comment that Sean Avery has been treated like Hans Solo in The Empire Strikes Back seems very appropriate today.

Avery was frozen in carbonite by Darth Vader (John Tortorella), put in limbo (waivered to the AHL), and sent to a far off land (CT) with Jabba the Hutt (Jim Schoenfeld) as his owner and master.

Today, there are rumors that Princess Leia Organa (Glen Sather) might be able to free Avery from his entombment.

Larry Brooks / NY Post:
Rangers keeping Avery from other NHL teams -- 
Sather’s willingness to acquire AHL players on one-way contracts who would then be assigned to the Whale creates the possibility of a cash-poor club with ample salary-cap space making such an exchange with the Rangers, knowing that Avery would be claimed on re-entry.
Puck Daddy: Free Sean Avery! But not before he plays on pink ice this weekend in AHL
Eye On Hockey / Report: Interest in Avery goes up, but no waivers Sather keeping Avery in limbo
Blueline Station: Mystery NHL Teams Want Sean Avery On Re-Entry Waivers

NY Rangers:
Three Blueshirts going to All-Star Game -- Rangers sending Gaborik, Lundqvist, and first-timer Girardi to Ottawa

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  • Jen9400 said...

    LOL this is great and the facial expression on Avery in the picture you chose in comparison to Han Solo is just priceless! This situation is just killing me. As much as I want Avery for myself I must admit I love him enough to let him go. And the Stealth really needs to let him go. Problem is if Section 335 is right (from previous post) and 2 teams are interested in Sean then which one of them will be willing to trade a draft pick then put Sean on re-entry waivers lose him to the other team that is interested in him and take part of his salary as a cap hit? I mean come on Glen. Grow a set already. Do the right thing and put Sean on waivers.

  • jb said...

    It does seem like a lot of stars have to align to free the Grate One. Just like Hans needed Luke to come in and finally seal the deal, Avery will need some committed Jedi Knight(GM) to come in and save his bacon.

  • Section 335 said...

    Last night was a perfect example of a game in which Sean would have made a difference.

  • jb said...

    Exactly, Just like Solo, he'd come in and stir things up, and before you know it light sabers and blaster pistols are being pulled out.