Sunday, January 15, 2012

House Of Horrors-Is It Time?

The Ranger are headed for their bi-annual trek into that infamous den of inequity, aka, The House Of Horrors, The Bell Centre in Montreal. Imagine, they have played 301 games in Montreal and have won all of 64 games. That's about as impressive as the Republicans record in Massachusettes.

But times are a changing and maybe we can steal one tonight. The Rangers are first in the Eastern Conference with 60 points and the Canadiens are 12th with a total of 40 points. Plus for Rangers. Our hot goalie Henrik Lundqvist will be back tonight and the Canadiens will be using their backup goalie, Peter Budaj, so thats a plus for us. Scotty Gomez will be back in the lineup for Montreal and that's a big plus for us.

Their coach, Randy Cunnyworth is in big do do because he doesn't speak French. The natives want a French speaking coach. Hell, Cunnyworth should come to our country where you can speak any language you want, anytime you want and you can act dumb when someone asks you a tough question. Or Cunnyworth could take a page out of our coach's book. Speak only when you want. Answer only the questions you want, and pick up your marbles and go home anytime you want.

So it looks like we will break the curse tonight. But who knows, some of our "top liners" may start acting like our "grinders." Lundqvist may be stale after the day off and let in a couple of softies. Gomez may decide that his team mates are really The Devils and go nuts. Their backup goalie, Badaj, may do his Ken Dryden impersonation and stone us. Or, the curse of The House Of Horrors will be too great to overcome and we will succumb once more.

Whatever, if you get tired or don't want to watch the game tune into the press conference and you will tell who won the game. If coach disagreeable has tight jaws, the Rangers lost. If there is a haughty smirk on his face, chalk one up for the good guys. Cunnyworth? He better stop worrying about that French speaking course he has to take and start winning some games. Start winning games and the fans wouldn't care what language you are talking. Look out our coach. He is an insufferable dolt, but the Rangers are winning, the press corps are wimps and the fans could care less. Just win baby, win.

ICINGS: My little friend, Jake Feldman, had a little bit of a setback. His donor for the bone marrow transplant backed out and now Sloan Kettering Cancer Center will undergo a risky procedure on January 24th to eradicate the cancer. Please take a moment to say a prayer for Jake and God will bless you. Thanks!

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