Monday, February 20, 2012

Rangers Beat Columbus 3-2 in OT, and 10 Things I Learned on Hockey Weekend

Anyone watch all the 9+ hours of hockey that was on the tube Sunday as part of Hockey Weekend Across America (HWAA)? I watched more than I should have. Here are some things that I learned yesterday.

1. The NHL does not have its act together.

Who would have guessed? Come on dimwits, sync your damn clocks correctly. Michael Del Zotto's goal at the end of the second period should have been good with 0.01 seconds remaining. I don't know where the NHL knuckleheads get their time outsourced from, but the MSG television feed that is synced with the official scoreboard clock seems like a good place to start. That MSG video and time stamp was perfectly acceptable and accurate in Phoenix for the Brad Richards 0.01 game winner, but not last night?

New NHL Headquarters: has back-up war room

Inside look at the NHL war room in Toronto

2. Michael Del Zotto is playing much better hockey in 2012. His assist to Derek Stephan for the OT game winner was a beautiful coup de gra from the Stouffville d-man.

3. Tim Thomas has cracks in his armor this season. Rau's goal against Thomas in Minnesota's 2-0 win over the Bruins was a beauty.

4. Jed Ortmeyer has made it back to the NHL. He's dishing out hits for Minnesota. Go Jed.

5. Brooks Orpik the Pens defenseman is named after hockey coach Herb Brooks. Orpik's mom said okay to the Brooks, no to Herb.

6. The Shattuck-Saint Mary's School in Minnesota is a hockey factory. Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, and Derek Stephan are all alumni.

7. The Long Island Royals Under-16 Midget team has a pretty good coach.

8. There have been something like 170+ NHL coaching changes since Lindy Ruff become head coach of the Sabres in 1997 and he isn't going down without a fight. Sabres beat Pens, 6-2.

9.  Players looking for big contracts play their best hockey in New York. I think I already knew that.

10. Hockey is a great sport, and only getting better.


Also learned that Kate Upton has become very popular on the internet for good reason.

click pic for the Kate Upton dancing gif

YouTube: more Kate Upton dancing

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