Thursday, May 24, 2012


The Rangers are playing Russian Roulette this playoff series and I am afraid that right now all the chambers are loaded. In yet another shocking flat opening period the Rangers stood around and watched as the Devils exploded for three goals in the first 9:49. I expected the Rangers to applaud after that opening salvo. Yes, the Rangers came back and tied the score, but the Devils won it with 4:24 left on Ryan Carter's goal and an empty netter by Parise clinched it.

The old bugaboo, coming out flat, reared its ugly head and despite our comeback that was the real killer. This has been going on all year and our fearless disagreeable coach does not have a clue about what's wrong or how to fix it.

What was troubling was the performance of Henrik Lundqvist. Four goals is a career against him. But it happens. The guy has been magnificent all year and if it wasn't for him we would not have made the playoffs. I expect him to come back with a big effort in game six.

So now we are in the 1994 template. Down three games to two and going to New Jersey. However, there is no Mark Messier to guarantee a win and I doubt if we have a player that could step up and score a hat trick. But, we will show up and I expect a strong performance. We may even show up for the first ten minutes.

I will also show up. The bad news: I can't skate, shoot or score, but I yell well. In fact, some have accused me of being loud. So I will be there rootin' and tootin' hopefully in a winning effort — 1994 revisited.


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  • Jen9400 said...

    I was at the garden for game 5 too. Great atmosphere- was nice and loud for the taunting of Mmmmmaaaaaaarrrrrrrrty! Unfortunately they came up short. Another poor start (not as poor as the previous starts) cost us for sure and this time poor Henrik was human last night. I was disappointed with the outcome being that this was our best effort of the series. Still, I had a good time at the Garden as always. As i said on twitter today Its the best place in the world to be when the Rangers win and its also the best place to be when they lose. So much less nerve racking than watching on TV. Home sweet home to me.
    Anyway I felt like they proved what I have been saying, this team has a lot of heart and they mustered up a big effort after the time out for a beat up group. Its a shame they lost.
    Have fun at game 6. Hope they win for you!

  • Jen9400 said...

    Jesse Spector of the Sporting News and formally of the NY Daily News just tweetet this about an hour ago about Game 6:

    My hope: Tied late. Arena goes dark. Thumping techno. Doc: "MY GOD, THAT'S SEAN AVERY'S MUSIC!" Avery emerges, high-fives Brodeur. Game on.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! That sounds so awesome to me!!!!

  • wes said...

    This team does everything the hard way. Maybe Richard$ or Gaborik or someone will show up and make history.

    I so want to see Brodeur going off to summer vacation at the end of game 7 to chants of Mmmaaaarrrrttttyyyy!

  • Luke said...

    Glad to hear you're going to cheer the team on Pundit. I'll be 3500 miles away, but I'll still be cheering loudly. I believe.