Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Do You Believe In Miracles


How else to explain last nights win? An accidental high stick by Joel Ward with 22 seconds left in the game gave the Rangers a four-minute power play. A tying goal by Brad Richardss with 6.6 seconds left in regulation. The winning goal at the 1:35 mark of OT by Marc Staal. Two power play goals in less than two minutes. Wow! What are the chances of the inept PP scoring two power play goals in less than two minutes?

So now the game becomes an instant classic to be played over and over on MSG. And all because of the finish. It was a hard charging game between two teams more intent on blocking shots than on doing anything else. The Caps lead all playoff teams with blocked shots. The Rangers are second. The Rangers tried mightily to break open the game early out shooting the Caps 17-4 in the first period. When the first period ended the Rangers had a 1-0 lead. So it was the typical shooting blanks. Until the end. Holtby had 35 saves and Lundqvist 16.

It was great seeing the winner come off the stick of Marc Staal. He has been slowly working his way back to the top of the NHL's best D men. Perhaps Brad Parks sitting in the stands inspired him. Richards has been clutch down the stretch and in the playoffs and knows how to win big games. As I have said often, Lundqvist is Lundqvist.


Richards ties game with 6.6 7.6 seconds remaining

Scoring Summary
G Per Time Str Team Goal Scorer Assist Assist
1 1 10:44 EV NYR Stralman(3) Staal(3) Stepan(6)
2 2 08:15 EV WSH Laich(2) Ovechkin(4) Brouwer(1)
3 3 04:20 PP WSH Carlson(2) Wideman(3) Brouwer(2)
4 3 19:53 PP NYR Richards(5) Callahan(3) Del Zotto(5)
5 4 01:35 PP NYR Staal(2) Mitchell(1)
Staal wears the Magical Broadway Hat

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  • Jen9400 said...

    I love coming on here and seeing the references to former Rangers like Brad Park a player my dad speaks highly of. My earliest NYR memories start in the 80s but my Dad made sure Jeanine and I were aware of many great Rangers like Mr. Park who have come before the heros we have today.
    Anyway last nights game was a multiple miracle game in my opinion. The start of the game was strong for the Rangers and I was so happy to see them put so many shots on goal. Instead of waiting to see what the opposition was going to do I felt that the Rangers did what they haven't done much of in the playoffs and that was dominating play. They went in with the mind set that they were going to get pucks to the net even if they weren't good shots and they actually carried it out. Miracle #1. This mindset is what ultimately won us the game because the Richards game tying goal was a miracle unto itself with its magic bullet qualities. Miracle #2. Miracle #3 was most definitely scoring on shot number one and shot number two of the night on the so called power play in less than two minutes. Hell if you break that sequence down it can count for 4 miracles lol!
    Of course most of the night the Rangers were getting beat at their own game and it was interesting to see them have to counter that feeling they lay on other teams every night as the Capitals were blocking, defending breaking up plays and then answering with their hot goaltender when we did get shot through. You do have to give Washington credit for shutting down our offense but as I always say about the Rangers its a dangerous game when you don't play with killer instinct and go for the backbreaking goal, playing not to lose and you defend one goal leads because it can burn you in the end as it did for the Caps last night.
    I wouldn't be me if I didn't bring up you know who. During the post game press conference coach was asked about the fact that the Caps were out shot blocking us and somewhat irritated his response was "well we had the puck most of the night, when you have the puck you don't have to block shots." ahhhhhhhh! You have no idea how much this answer irks me. Well maybe you do. I have been talking about this for the 3 years he's been here. Puck possession is everything. When you have the puck the other team doesn't. Then you don't have to use throwing every available body part in front of every flying puck as your number one component of your game plan. To that response i found myself yelling at his ugly face on my TV, "I've been saying that for 3 years you idiot!" Frustrating.
    Also how about Kreider? I complained after game 4 that he was benched for his defensive error and we could have used him in that third period. After the game the kid took it well saying he deserved the benching because he made a mistake and didn't play the percentages. Coach said he was confident that Kreider would learn from the benching and then instead of showing his confidence in the kid in game 5 he puts him on the fourth line with Rupp and Mitchell giving him limited ice time. This coach inspires no confidence and he make all of his decisions out of fear. So afraid someone will make a mistake. So afraid someone will do something in a game that wasn't dictated by him. The master. The man is sick in the head. I tell ya for a guy with the reputation of a tough coach he sure is a wimp. He reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Everyone is so afraid of all his theatrics but he's really just a little man hiding behind a curtain with a big mouth.

  • jb said...

    Sitting on a lead is a terrible thing to see your team doing. The Caps tried it last night, they were trying to get the puck deep in the Rangers end freeze the puck for a face off. That didn't work out too well.

    Tortorella hockey is sitting on a tie and "staying patient", which is code for waiting for the other team to make a mistake, without making one yourself.

    One problem with that is the Rangers make a lot of mistakes (exhibit a: MDZ) and Lundqvist most nights will bail them out.

    So Tortorella is executing a flawed game play that is held together by the good graces of our goalie King.

    And this man is up for the Adams trophy?

    Tortorella hockey might be winning hockey this season, but it's losing me as a spectator. Of course, I'll watch the playoff games, but if you make me another 82 games of this next year I will get sick.

    To enjoy the watching of our guys take one for the team, via body sacrificing shot blocking is masochism. Checks, shots, and saves that's the part of hockey I like, not guys sliding into slap shots.

    The fact that Hunter has the Caps trying to play a better brand of Tortorella hockey is not a good omen. I actually liked seeing a wild man Ovechkin trying to score. The sight of him blocking shots is some how sad.

  • Jen9400 said...

    Couldn't agree with you more jb. It is a sad sight to watch these coaches "dumb down" the skills of the players in order to play it safe. I feel no hate toward "Ovie" and the Caps this series which is unfamiliar territory for me and I am seeing people call him overrated already. Very sad. These coaches are ruining our game.
    Poor Henrik. In my view he is the most valuable player in the league but I'm sure he'll get screwed out of the Hart because Malkin is in the mix and I'm sure he'll get screwed out of the Vezina because they'll say Quick was more amazing since he got his team into the playoffs. I don't want to take anything away from Quick because I think he is deserving, but Henrik is also very deserving and has been deserving for a long time. It is time he is recognized. But I have no doubt our coach will win the Jack Adams and he should hand it straight to Henrik because without the King he would be nowhere.
    I do think the Rangers will win Game 6 tonight and set up for what should be an exciting series against the Devils. Now that's a team where I keep hearing the players raving about their coach. Wow. Should be fun jb so hang in there!

  • jeanine1994 said...

    It is a terrible brand of hockey for entertainment value. I love the Rangers and I try like hell to enjoy them winning but their style is beyond boring. The playoffs I have been able to enjoy a bit more because they have been forced to take some risks and lift their level just because of the sheer fact that if they don't they could be going home permanently. During the season I couldn't believe how many times I found myself drifting in my thoughts and this from a fan who couldn't take her eyes off a single play. Tortorella plays the lowest risk, type of hockey, he says he likes guys with big *#x# but I wonder if he has any himself. They make it very difficult on themselves by always playing so careful and keeping these games so close, true insanity. To me 'the right way' is the wrong way, I mean hockey is supposed to fun, right? I'm glad our guys are currently winning but man it is a test of a ranger fans metal.

  • jb said...


    A good goalie can certainly help a coach win the Jack Adams Award. Tim Thomas winning the Vezina in 2008-09, didn't hurt Claude Julien, who won the Adams trophy that season.

    Tortorella already has a Jack Adams award from Tampa 2003-04, so maybe they'll give it to someone else.

    I would say Tortorella hockey is to hockey as military music is to music. How many military music concerts do you really want to listen to before you get bored?

  • mbernold said...

    JB--you couldn't have said it better--"Tortorella hockey might be winning hockey this season, but it's losing me as a spectator. Of course, I'll watch the playoff games, but if you make me another 82 games of this next year I will get sick.

    To enjoy the watching of our guys take one for the team, via body sacrificing shot blocking is masochism. Checks, shots, and saves that's the part of hockey I like, not guys sliding into slap shots."

    i now turn the game on in the last five minutes of the third period--watching any more is painfully disgusting..
    i'm a lifelong ranger fan-since 1950--thinking of rooting for the devils--CAN'T WE VAPORIZE TORTORELLA!!!