Friday, February 08, 2013

Youth Will Be Served

Us "old codgers" have a saying we usually use when we see a young person doing some daring or unusual thing, "Too bad youth has to be wasted on the young." Well youth stepped up big last night in the form of 19 year old J. T. Milleer. Could the J. T. stand for, just trying? Consider that for the previous nine games the team has been, one time or another, lifeless, powerless, clueless and coachless. The young man may save a team and in the process a coach.

Miller was brilliant last night. In 13:31 of ice time he got two shots and scored two goals. A minute and a half into the game Miller rifled one by Islander goalie Evgeni Nabokov. He then scored the Rangers third goal, a power play no less, on a breakaway from an outlet pass from McDonagh to put the Rangers up 3-1. The point was McDonagh's first of the year and he added an empty netter. While the Rangers were 1-2 on the PP it wasn't scored in PP fashion. It was a breakaway.

Miller wasn't the only reason for the win. Callahan's return helped and Lundqvist returned to form making 27 saves and showing his old form particularly on stopping Michael Grabner on a breakaway. Callahan was his usual reliable, driving force. In 19:22 he managed 2 shots, 4 hits and 2 blocked shots.

Even the coach reformed. One day after stating that some Rangers were playing scared, tentative, he coached the same way. Minutes were distributed more evenly. Cally got the top minutes followed by Nash, very quite, one shot, 18:50, Richards, 15:54, Gaborik, scoring his 6th, got 14:42 and Kreider, 11:23. Even Del Zotto was 'downed' to a mere 22:55 and was a plus two. It's funny, after the game Isle coach Capuano said his team played tentative. There it is, the operative word, tentative.

The ice time given to Gaborik indicates that Gabby is once again on a slippery slope with this coach. Gabby is not disagreeable's type of player. Why play a 41 goal scorer when you can get another block shoter who could get maimed or miss half the season? Remember last season Gabby played with a dislocated shoulder and was rapped in the press. The coach is not only disagreeable he is classless. What about Girardi? Now we learn he has a lower body injury and is day to day. Wonderful. One of the top D men in the business and all we know is that he is "banged up."

So it's Tampa Bay Sunday with a chance to go over .500. Let's see how long the youth movement and the equal time distribution lasts. Let's see.


Taking one for the network: John Giannone


via @AlTrautwig -- Johnny G puck to the face!

via John Giannoe / @jaygeemsg --
Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for your well-wishes! I appreciate the kind words but it was all just part of the job. 
But seriously, million thanks to #NYR, especially trainer Jim Ramsay, doctors, staff, players & coaches for everything tonight. #firstclass

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  • jb said...

    It's pretty simple, Lundqvist plays good and the team gives him a bit of support then they win. If he's off and the team is sloppy they lose. It's a little two-stroke engine that hopefully has enough power to make it uphill to the playoffs.

  • Andy said...

    Couldn't agree more Jb. Very well said.
    It was pretty awesome to see Miller play like that
    last night. Then after the game I start thinking "well, it won't be long until he gets sucked into the tortorella offense killing scheme".

    Hopefully coach classless gets some sort of talking to (yeah right) to keep the offensive players alone, maybe even encourage them for once. And let the defensive grinders do their job. But, per usual, these are merely pipe dreams...

  • Jen9400 said...

    The roller coaster ride of 2013 continues. One day they play good next they suck.... no really suck. But last night things were looking up. The return of Callahan made a huge difference and its good to see our Captain out there. I wonder, is he the only player allowed to get in front of the net? Because he's the only one who does. Jeanine always says that to me. She also says that she can tell when the coach has been talked to as Andy mentioned. He always seems to be suddenly cordial to the media right after he acts like a major D***. Funny how that is. He sure looked relieved last night. Our players are such a great group of guys, there always seems to be someone who saves his butt. He was in an extra good mood last night because he knows it. Yes the kid JT Miller had a huge game. He gets 6 games before NYR have to decide weather they should take a cap hit on him or not. Stay tuned for that. As I seem to recall Kreider came into the playoffs fresh off the bus last season and he was scoring like we never see, however he has learned the right way and cooled off significantly. Same with Hagelin. He came in fast an furious, looking like he could be a future all star (and he will be) and then all of a sudden he finds himself in a 38 game drought. Brian Boyle. I know you will think I am nuts but I am not ready to give up on that lost soul. A couple of seasons ago he was just about to get on the Tortorella express when he started scoring goals. Then broke out for a 21 goal season. Found himself on the Prust Boyle Feds line and the PK learning "the right way" to play. Last season his goals were cut in half and this season he finds himself without line mates and struggling to fit in. Are we sure this guy is as useless as the fans call him? I'm not. I think the guy has a heart of gold, wants to win, comes from great blood lines and has the potential to give a team 15-20 goals a season. Del Zotto. Tremendous offensive up side. Makes a lot of defensive mistakes. Our coach has this reputation for being great with the youth. He has the most conservative defensive system a coach can have. He is defense defense defense all the time. So shouldn't he be able to take a guy - a young guy - like Del Zotto and TEACH him some defense? I don't think that's too much to ask. I guess only time will tell if the Rangers are up to the task of saving this guy yet again. In the mean time we have no choice but to ride the roller coaster for a while.