Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time To Fire This Clown – The Stealth GM!

Fans gather at 'Fire Sather Rally' March 2010
Yes, it is time. In fact, it is past overdue. Fourteen fruitless, winless years are enough. Five ex-coaches are enough. And now the revelation, that coach disagreeable had his contract extended for three years during this past season. That is enough proof that this clown, the Stealth, the invisible one, hasn't a clue on what it takes and what he has to do to bring the Rangers to the Stanley Cup.

So the Rangers drain trust are meeting in sunny California, far from the New York lame stream media. As if it would matter if they were there to question the all knowing one. Who else is there? Who knows? Could any other New York team GM survive fourteen years of ineptitude? No way! Could any other non-visible GM get away with what this clown has gotten away with? No way!

Do you need any more proof that hockey is not considered to be a major sport by many of the major sport outlets? So now the guessing game, on who will be the next coach. Names like Lindy Ruff and Alain Vigneault are considered main attractions. Dan Blysma, the Pens coach, is rumored to be in the crosshairs of owner Mario Lemieux and is a candidate. Only Dan Blysma has won a Cup.

I think that the Rangers are set up for greatness by making two big moves. Well, actually three. The first is to fire the Stealth GM, Glen Sather. Of course, that will never happen. The owner is a problem. The fish stinks from the head. The big decision is to hire Iron Mike Keenan as head coach and Mark Messier as his assistant. This combination worked well when the Rangers last won the Cup. Keenan drove the team and Messier was the buffer between the coach and the players. The Rangers this year had no buffer between the coach and the players. Ryan Callahan, a great competitor and player, was not a buffer but an extension of the coach. He was the coach's boy.

So there is the solution and it's an easy one. Keenan is a winner. Messier is a winner. They have done it before. The team will love it. The fans will love it and even the lame stream media will love it. It's a no-brainer and therein may lie the problem  The Stealth GM is a no-brainer if there was ever one and he may opt for one of the perennial losers fearing that Keenan may go after his job. Have no fear Stealth, the Absentee Owner has your back. Il pesce puzza dalla testa.

Male e bene a fine viene.

Katie Strang / ESPN New York:
Mark Messier in the mix --
Despite reports that Tortorella was heading into the last year of his contract in 2013-14, ESPNNewYork.com confirmed via a source close to the coach on Wednesday that he signed an extension during the season. That means that the Rangers will still be on his hook for his salary for the remainder of the contract -- believed to be three years -- even once they name a new coach.

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  • Jen9400 said...

    Well pundit as we both know the Stealth GM probably isn't going anywhere but as I pointed out in my last comment I felt that way about coach disagreeable and now look... he's gone. He. Is. GONE! Man that will never get old and what would be better than a double celebration?

    I love the idea of Keenan with Mark as assistant but it will never happen. I don't think Sather is too high on the iron coach and it would draw a lot of criticism because of his reputation as a hard a**. People like to compare him to Torts even tough there is no comparison in my book. Or in Keenan's I'm sure. Yeah they are coaches who are known to be hard on players but that's where the similarities end. Keenan knows a lot about psychology and hasn't always used it for good but I think Keenan has learned a lot over the years and has toned it down but Sather would never recognize that so he's out.

    Bylsma's contract was extended for two more years today so that dream is over. By the way, notice how the Pens extended his contract AFTER the season, AFTER the exit interviews with the players and being that he is a coach with a "shelf life", they extended him for two season's not three. Are you taking notes Glen? Of course you're not. Your out there in sunny La Quinta chewing your cigars and conducting your team meetings not giving a crap what we are saying back in NY and why should you?

    Anyway, the Oilers already crossed Dallas Eakins off our list. They seemed to have wanted him in a bad way. They have been interviewing him for a few weeks. I don't know a lot about the guy but what I have read about him and how he conducts himself with the players I am very impressed with. It sounds like he could be the next great coach in the NHL so that right there takes him off the Rangers list. But don't worry, Sather sent him a questionnaire. What more do you want from him? After all Dallas went and took the Oilers offer before the private plane could touch down in La Quinta! The nerve of some people. Vineault had his interview in California, I wonder if he brought a box of cigars to the party. Lindy Ruff (gulp) is supposed to go out there for his interview too if he hasn't already and Messier is already out there as part of the party so it will be interesting. Let's just hope the position is between Vineault and Messier.

  • jb said...

    Jen - One piece for the Messier option fell into place with the Posting reporting that Brian Leetch would join the Rangers’ staff as an assistant if Messier is hired. Maybe step-by-step the stars are lining up for Mess?