Wednesday, October 09, 2013

What Happened?

Was that a freight train that ran over the Rangers last night in San Jose? Or was that the ultimate Shark attack in the San Jose shark tank. One of my readers was quite prophetic. Savedoctor predicted that if the Rangers play Pittsburgh the way they played Phoenix they would be blown out 10-1. Well it wasn't Pittsburgh, it was San Jose and they were blown out 9-2. Good call Savedoctor.

A young stud named Tomas Hertl, from the Czech Republic no less, looked and played like a young Jaromir Jagr and scored four goals. His last goal was out of the Marek Malik book and was a beauty, though a little showoffish. He got seven shots on goal in all of 11:12 of ice time.

To add salt to the wounds there is no official word on the condition of Rick Nash. Reports have it he has headaches after taking an elbow to the head by Brad Stuart. Stuart got a two minute penalty. He should get a suspension. Knowing the NHL it's maybe a game and a promise not to do it again.

San Jose lost only two home games last year. The way they played against the Rangers they might not lose one this year. Hopefully the other teams will put up more resistance. But the Captain summed it up best, "It was embarrassing." Enough said.


Tomas Hertl's between the legs goal:

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  • Jmaz said...

    I just don't get how you can let San Jose take a giant, steaming pile of crap on you, concuss your star player, AND let a 19 yr old not only score 4 goals against you, but dipsy-doodle on his 4th goal, and not do ANYTHING about it. I just don't get this group of guys, or the so-called leaders on the team, the veterans etc. Can't blame Tortorella on this one. This has been going on for YEARS Mike, as I know you are well aware. Remember the Ranger garden slogan a few years back? "Hockey's diferent here" It sure is, the faces change but the song remains the same. Not to mention the MSG shills lamenting the back to back game as one of the reasons the Rangers looked a step behind SJ. REally?? Third game of the season and they can't handle a back to back this early? I bet before they were signed to ridiculous contracts they would and could play all day everyday on the pond and twice on Sunday. I'm sure this is just an aberration, right Mike? Lol Okay I'm done.

  • Andy said...

    First: I was at the game. The hit to Nash was not dirty, not intentional and does not warrant a suspension.

    Stuart got the elbow up and Nash turned right into it. Happens all the time, was not malicious in any way and not on purpose. If shanny wants to do something fine but it really wasn't a nasty hit at all. I'm sure Rick will be fine in short time, at least that's my hope. Ranger fans whom i was sitting with even agreed that it was a wrong place at the wrong time type of deal.

    Also, Hertl's goal was in no way "show boating". That kid was coming at Biron full speed and made a last second move. If Callahan or Nash did that to Niemi we'd be applauding him today no matter the score or outcome of the game.

    Everyone here (or at least the ones that used to be here) know that i am both a rangers and sharks fan, so i look at these games with an even keel. If you think a 19 year old kid who can't speak english was trying to show up a back up goalie...well, i don't know what to say on that besides it makes no sense.

    Mike and JB: Where's Jen and Jeanine?

  • jb said...

    Andy, Thanks for the eyewitness account of the game. Yes, the Hertl move should be applauded. Your shark side should should have been cheered by the display of home ice awesomeness. They certainly smelled blood in the water, and chopped both our goalies to pieces.

    Haven't heard from J&J, but expect they'll be checking in here sometime.

  • mike said...

    Folks! I can't ever remember the Rangers being an 'in your face' type team. Its in the genes inherited from Frankie Boucher.
    The best I've seen is goalie Eddie Giacomin. He would shoot the puck at rival players who violated his space. He would have hit Hertl in the head while he was celebrating.

  • jmaz said...

    Forgive me Andy if I wasn't AT THE GAME and didn't have the great view from your seat you did. I saw plenty of the replays to say differently. I guess when you look in the direction of the guy who is about to run you that constitutes turning into it. To say Nash turned into it on the boards, wrong place wrong time etc makes no sense to me at all to ME. Don't know what Ranger fans you were sitting with but sounds like they should stay on the west coast. As far as your view that Hertl wasn't showboating a bit on that 4th goal and that its bizarre to think a 19 yr old KID would? Hmmmm, yeah you're right, kids wouldn't do that. As far as his English speaking ability having ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING, that one went over my head.
    Sorry Andy but I'm a Ranger fan and a Ranger fan only. Stick with the facts, Rangers played disinterested, unmotivated, and like pansies. This group isn't much different than the group from the past few years. Yet here they were, getting punched in the mouth was tough to watch I tell ya. There was no fight in them. Even if it was a good hit on Nash, as a team you gotta start taking some liberties with some of their guys.
    Oh, and I guess you don't remember Anisimov's shotgun heard round the world against Tampa Bay. How come everyone got so upset at that one?

  • jeanine1994 said...

    Andy... I'm here, no worries. What's up man?
    Another season of Rangers hockey lays before us! I don't know what happened last night night pundit except to say its the Rangers, they always befuddle the mind lol. I think it's just going to take a little time to change the guys mindset to our new coaching style. If they used their instincts for any offensive reasons under the little dictator they were reemed, humiliated and nailed to the bench. So we just need some time to discover we are actually allowed to take a few chances, go on the offense more and if we make mistakes the guys wont't be sent to the press box.
    I loved the game in LA, we were aggressive we went to the net and we did not sit back and protect our lead. It was a fun game to watch. The Sharks game was the exact opposite. I too enjoy watching the sharks so if we were going to get slaughtered at least it was to a team I like. That Hirdle kid was unreal! It was a sick move on the 4th goal and it did not bother me one bit that he showed off a little. I happen to think personality adds a lot to the game. That's what makes you love and hate players which ultimately builds our relationships with players, teams and the game itself. I love self expression. For instance how fun would flyer games be if everyone 'behaved' themselves.? You wouldn't hate them if they weren't dirty jackasses all these years. That's what makes the game great, so I say go for it, be yourself. For the record I loved Artie's gun reload or whatever he called it, it was classic.
    By the way anybody watching the blue jackets? Gaby and Dubi are off to great starts, great pre seasons and now looking good in the early regular season. I love them. Artie scored the other night too. Man I wish we had Gaby in AV's more offensive style. Damn.
    I like AV so far. What a 180 from the previous douche. He speaks intelligently and resoectly to reporters, he seems like a gentleman with some class. I like him a feels great to look behind our bench and see him instead of that phycho.

  • Jen9400 said...

    Hello Boys. Jeanine and I are always reading Pundit, don't worry. It's nice to be wanted. Thanks!

    Oh where do I begin. The usual joys of being a Ranger fan, ha ha, if you don't laugh you cry or as in my case, you may do plenty of both. Anyway, was this not a classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Monday night was so nice to see the Rangers putting the new system together with their aggressive play, their puck possession and hard work. It wasn't a perfect game but it was a deserved win for sure. Then last night happened. Why do they always have to make everything so damn difficult? Unreal. They were awful. As soon as the Sharks got out of that early penalty trouble (with our help of course) they turned on the jets and never looked back. Instead of trying to get good positioning and get their sticks in lanes as they were in LA, the Rangers just seemed to watch SJ skate circles around them. I thought they looked so confused. What a nightmare. However, I remain optimistic because as I said last year when we changed coaches, it will take some time for them to learn to trust their instincts again. Honestly, AV didn't use the full roster in any games in preseason, so this really was game 3 for them. Also, guys like Cally and Step are just getting into game shape, Hags is out and now Nash will be out so the offensive lines look pretty thin if you ask me. I was bummed to see Miller and Kreider go down, as I do agree with Mike that Kreider needs some game time in the NHL.

    As for this outrage over not defending Nash, I agree in a sense but can also understand why the players didn't respond so quickly. The play wasn't so obvious at the time it happened but when you look at the replay and the reverse angle you can see that the head is targeted and as I write this it has been reported that there has been a 3 game suspension given. The players don't have replay on the bench, it was behind the play and Nash played for a bit after the hit. Stuart got 2 mins for elbowing. Once Nash was out of the game, Brian Boyle did attempt to "defend" Nash by saying something to Stuart and pushing him but what happened as a result? He got 4 mins of penalties 2 of which were for unsportsmanlike and what did Brain really do? You have the backwards NHL who gives Stuart 2 mins only, but Brian Boyle 4 mins because he spoke which is obviously waaaay more unsportsmanlike than an elbow to the head right? And they have coaches who preach, play smart, don't take bad penalties, oh and by the way, stick up for your teammates. Do I think they should have responded? Yes. But I also think its not black and white anymore. As for Hertl, just like I said when Artie did his shotgun, good for you kid- Hockey should be fun. I like a little personality!

    BTW- Jeanine and i were typing at the same time so similarities are just us lol and Jeanine wanted me to apologize on her behalf for spelling the Hertl kids name wrong! I say too bad rookie!!!

  • Jen9400 said...

    jmaz - easy brother. no need to be so hostile. opinions are welcomed on Pundit so chill out. Andy lives out there so that's why he was AT THE GAME!

  • Jmaz said...

    Actually Jen, I wasn't being hostile at all. I guess since I'm not a regular here I can't call it how I see it. Just don't like being told what I saw on tv was not actually what happened. I love those Ranger fans that love telling other Ranger fans how it is.

  • jb said...

    I see this AM, regarding the Nash hit by Stuart, that late yesterday the word came down that he was suspended for 3 games. The call was that Stuart's hit involved an "unnecessary extension of the body (Stuart's) upward or outward". So while maybe not "malicious" it was clearly illegal, because as Jen said Nash's head was targeted.

    Leonard / NY Daily News:
    VIDEO: NHL suspends San Jose Sharks D Brad Stuart three games for illegal check to the head of NY Rangers RW Rick Nash

    Mike/Jmaz, you were correct in saying he should get a suspension, that was the league's call too.

    I also see that Leonard reported:

    The Blueshirts were incensed by Brad Stuart’s elbow to the head of Rick Nash, beginning with Brian Boyle, who told the Daily News he went after Stuart in the third period, taking roughing and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, going after Stuart in retaliation for the Nash hit.

    So there was a response there, but since it was Boyle, it was a weak one.

  • Jen9400 said...

    JB- Brian Boyle isn't really built for retaliation because he's too nice a guy but at least he did something. He responds because he knows its the right thing to do and I appreciate that about him. I'm glad there was a suspension.

    Again, all opinions are welcome here on pundit. The reason I comment here is the regulars don't tell me what I should think. It's the only place I actually comment.

  • Andy said...

    Jmaz, you can hate on me all year long if you'd like. You saw it your way I saw it mine. By no means am i trying to stomp your opinion or tell you not to post here. But i am telling you right now: This group here is a family, and if you think you're going to intimidate me by slamming my views and telling me that "you're a ranger fan and ranger fan only" you're in for a long, long season my friend.

    His own team didn't do anything because guys like Asham and Dorsett realized it was a MISTAKE by Brad Stuart. It was not his intention to hurt rick nash, nor his intention to get the elbow up. It just happened. Stuart needs to keep his elbow down, yes. But he wasn't skating at nash going "oh man i'm going to plow my elbow right into this guys face!" It was unfortunate that it happened and i feel the league handled it the way they wanted to, so it's over. This isn't like when kaleta almost killed Richie last year, this was a bang bang play in my opinion.

    And, uh, as far as the Anisimov incident, did you not watch 24/7 and see that the entire team was BEHIND Artie when he apologized in the locker room? Guys like Dubi and Avery saw that Lecavalier started the whole mess and didn't need to react that way. Did you see years ago when a young gun named Teemu selanne did the exact same thing and the other team did, uh, nothing?!

    Jen and Jeanine,
    Welcome back to another year of rangers hockey! Good to see you guys back, and, wow, Jen already having to stick up for me! lol always appreciated.
    Here's to a new year w/out torts, let's hope it's a good one!


  • jmaz said...

    Awwww, that's nice. You're on your soapbox again, giving everyone another glimpse into your stellar hockey rationale. Well I'm not gonna go back and forth with you over this. Your a San Jose fan who took umbridge to my post and replied in a condescending matter with points that were strictly assumptions. So I gave it back to you in the same condescending way. Like I said before, opinions are welcome here as long as they don't go against those of "the family". I seriously got quite a chuckle out of that one. I've been reading JB's stuff for a long time pal, very rarely post, but when I feel like it, I will. You and the girls can now continue to pat each other on the back now lol

  • Jen9400 said...


    Yeah, no hostility at all. My mistake.

  • Andy said...

    Jmaz, Never once did i say you couldn't go against the family or that you weren't a part of the family. I said you cannot expect to try and intimidate me (which you tried, again) and get away with it. Period.

    Plenty of other ranger blogs for me to join. I don't need to waste any more breath on you or your antics, and frankly you have now deterred me from ever posting on here again. Congrats. No more soap box for me cause we don't want to upset the all mighty jmaz who's opinions and hostility trump everything and everyone.

    You think it's funny that i call this group of people a family? How the fuck is that funny pal? What's the matter, do you feel left out, then reject our invitation? That's the definition of passive aggressive. It's a nasty thing to have, and oh my have you got it.


    Sorry to Jen and Jeanine, but this is probably it for me. You ladies f'n rock, keep posting the truth as you see it and don't let anyone push you around. You know the drill ;)

  • mike said...

    jmaz/andy-Cmon guys its only hockey. Don't get each other twisted over the Rangers. Trust me, its 76 years and counting with these deadbeats and in all those years I have witnessed two Cups.
    We encourage discuasion and hearty debate on the site but please do not make it personal.

    Besides, I need both of you going back and fourth at each other and me and jb. We need the readers. I don't want to post just for me and jb.

    So pleasr, be nice. Continue to disagree with me, jb and each other. After all its in the constitution and its called freedom of speech.

    Thanks for being loyal Ranger fans and loyal readers.

    The Ranger Pundit