Sunday, December 08, 2013

Devils "Kick" Rangers

Much is being made in the lame stream media about Callahan's foolish high sticking penalty costing the Rangers an OT loss to the Devils. It was bad, but the big call that was missed was the kick goal by Cam Janssen which stopped the Ranger mo and put the Devils on the scoreboard. It came at the 6:02 mark of the second period and completely changed the game around. It was the third kicked in goal that the snoozers in Toronto have allowed against Lundqvist this year. Amazing!

But, just to blame that goal won't be fair. The Rangers were awful again and Lundqvist was okay, making some beauties, but allowing a softie. D-man John Moore was torched by Michael Ryder on the third Devil goal. I guess with all the schooling our defensemen get from super hit man Ulf Samuelsson, he forgot to tell them to use the body and not the stick to defend. Speaking of using the bodies, did anyone touch Jagr all night? He skated around like he had the no contact shirt on. Especially in the second period when his play making resulted in Travis Zajac's tying 2-2 goal.

The Rangers got it to OT because of Chris Kreiders rebound, his 7th, on a power play with Lundqvist pulled. To no avail, Eric Gelinas slapper, in OT, while the Rangers were killing Callahan's boo-boo, was the winner. So the Devils (12-13-6) moved to within a point of the Rangers (15-14-1), who are tied for third with Carolina and a point behind Washington in the Metro Division. Under the old setup the Rangers would be tied for 8th and 9th in the Eastern Conference. Sounds familiar? Have been there before. A .500 team, lacking offense, toughness and now suspect goaltending. Not a good omen for a successful season.

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  • Anonymous said...

    According to the rules, a puck that goes into the next off of a player's skate counts as a goal so long as the player did not "intentionally" kick it in. Cam Janssen didn't "intentionally" kick the puck in because that would assume he actually intended to do something. What happened on that goal was that the rebound came in his direction, he was caught off guard and missed the puck with his stick, fell over, and his body pushed the puck into the next. He had no actual control over himself much like when a three year old tries to skate. Cam Janssen is just a body to fill in the roster and his body just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

  • Anonymous said...

    Sorry, let me rephrase that first sentence, "A puck that goes into the net off of a player's skate".