Saturday, January 04, 2014

It's The Pitts

The Rangers fell back to .500 last night against a Penguin team that was missing three key players. It didn't matter as the Rangers lost 5-2. The Rangers put up little resistance and looked more like a fair AHL team than an NHL team. They also lost Dorsett for about four weeks due to trying to block a shot, and when is that craze going to stop.

I must admit that I quit after the second period due to an early dialysis this am. But I had seen enough. It was like the JV scrimmaging against the Varsity. The turnovers were awful, the defense seemed confused and there was no offense. One sequence had four Rangers near the puck in the defensive zone, with one Penguin and the Rangers lost the puck which led to a Crosby goal.

This win one, lose one, might well go on to the end of the season. Of course if this play continues and Lundqvist is left with no one in front of him it wouldn't matter anyway. The Rangers need help and need it quick. Maybe its time for the old Emile "The Cat" Francis tactic. Put the whole team on waivers and see who bites.

Last night was the Pitts!

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  • #2son said...

    You can't expect consistency from a flawed team that the Stealth put together. If it wasn't NY, with the media hype, most of the team is a nice contingent of third liners. Krieder leads the teams in goals and can't get power play time?!? We hired a stiff, total empty suit. Not to mention whatever trade value Del Zotto had is lost by the coach constantly panning him in the press. Total mismanagement from the top down. Mark Messier had no experience ..... Either did Patrick Roy, but the Avalanche are now a much better team. If the NY media wasn't so hockey illiterate no way Sather would still be running this team. Let all the Ranger fans remember "if I had the Rangers money, I'd win a cup every year". Well Mr Sather, I am still waiting !