Thursday, May 01, 2014

O Danny Boy

Before Mike, the Ranger Pundit, went on an early dialysis appointment this morning he sent me a few of his notes regarding the game. A game after which we both wanted to start singing "O Danny Boy" in praise of Dan Carcillo. That other Dan, Girardi, and the rest of the Rangers defensemen also deserve a verse of song for manning the barricades during the ferocious Flyer flurry in the 3rd period. So Lundqvist and the defense preserved the 2-1 win. What's new about that? Of course, there was never any doubt with a game 7 in the Garden, was there?

Carcillo's goal off an incredible Zuccarello pass woke up the MSG crowd. Zuc's pass has to rate as one the all time greats. Still scratching our head over why Carcillo did not play in games 5 & 6 after proving he brought some fire in games 3 & 4? AV has to find a way to keep both Carcillo and Miller in the lineup. They bring fresh legs and toughness. Carcillo has two goals in three games and he is one of three Rangers with a Cup win. If anyone should sit, it's Boyle. He plays like he's stuck in molasses.

The team looks ready for the Pens. They don't look tired like in past years. The coach has to get some credit for that. This administration hasn't rope-a-doped the team into a punch drunk stupor.

Nash absolutely has to get going, 0 goals in 7 games against the Flyers, will not cut it against the Pens. McDonagh picked up his game after a terrible game 6. Stralman played his best game of the year. The Rangers will need more of that against a Pittsburgh team that comes in rested and with a very favorable schedule. Three games in four days against the Penguins will test the legs of everyone.

Let's go Rangers.

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