Thursday, May 08, 2014


It's hard to imagine the Rangers being in a bigger hole than they were on Wednesday. Yet here they are and the hole is getting bigger. Talk of coming back from a 1-3 hole, is just that, talk. Anyone who thinks that Nash and St. Louis can out duel Crosby and Malkin are prime candidates to buy some bridges in the New York area.

The gold dust twins, Crosby and Malkin, put on quite a show. Nash and St. Louis were awful. St. Louis played like a scared rookie, coughing up the puck freely and Nash was his inept self. With the game tied at one, Nash blew a chance to give the Rangers a lead and then turning the puck over leading to a Pens short handed goal.

The Rangers did close to 3-2 on Zuccarello's shot that Fleury flubbed but then came Malkin with a beautiful feed to Kunitz and it was all over. This was probably the Rangers worse performance of the playoffs. Is it fatigue? Tired? I think it's more like a talent gap.  The Pens lost D-man Orpik in the first period but the Pens stood tall with five D-men.

Lundqvist looked as annoyed as I have ever seen him. And why not. Pens continue to find the back of the net off of Rangers sticks and skates and legs and the Rangers being out shot 27-15. The Rangers got progressively worse as the game went on with shots of 6, 5 and 4 in each of the periods. Power plays? Both teams were scoreless, Pens 0-3 and Rangers 0-2. Maybe the Rangers can delay the wake.

ICINGS: Reader anonymous thinks the Rangers are suffering from the 'curse of Sean Avery' as the previous coach forced him into retirement. How about the previous coach forcing Gaborik out of town and now he is on a mission to bring the cup to LA?

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  • mbernold said...

    and now we will also pay in the future for trading for a 39/40 year old and giving up draft picks and a hard working leader...sather is an incompetent...
    at least i can look at my tapes of 1994...
    keenan got another championship in russia this year..i've always loved his tough coaching