Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kool Hand, er Ear, Klein

In the Ranger win over the Pens in OT, the lame stream media gave the number one star to Rick Nash. Nash scored his 18th goal of the year and may well be on his way to join Vic Hadfield, Adam Graves and Jaromir Jagr in the Ranger 50 goal club. Not bad, but me thinks they picked the wrong guy.

Kevin Klein scored the game winner in OT with a blast from the blue line to give the Rangers a 4-3 win after blowing a 3-1 lead in the third period as the Pens scored two goals in 24 seconds to tie it. Boy that's getting to be a bad habit. The previous game saw the Red Wings score two in 61 seconds. The players gave the Broadway black hat to Klein as the player of the game. They got it right.

If you remember, Klein is the guy we got for Del Zotto. Heck, two tickets to the Circus would have been a bargain for Del Zotto. Klein was kinda a throw in. Some throw in. Klein's winning goal was his sixth of the year, tops among Ranger D-men. His ten points are tops among Ranger D-men. His plus nine rating is tied with Nash for the team lead. When he is not racking up game winning goals he also protects his mates. His willingness to drop the gloves and defend his team is secondary to none on the Rangers.

Tough? He almost lost an ear on a high stick in the first period. Stop him? Are you kidding? They stitched him up, thirteen stitches, and he came back to play, star and eventually win the game. Imagine, thirteen stitches to reattach part of an ear and he comes back on the ice to play. I think of all the baseball players taking days off with upset stomachs and sprained pinkys. And to think, we had to give up Michael Del Zotto for Klein. I'm almost ready to forgive The Stealth for his past transgressions. Almost.

Icings: Late condolences to the Beliveau family on the death of one of the greatest players ever. He won 10 Stanley Cups, topped only by Maurice "The Rocket" Richard who had 11. The top player winning Championships in sports was Bill Russell of the Celtics with 13, followed by Sam Jones with 12. Baseball's top winners were Yogi Berra with 10 and Joltin Joe DiMaggio with 9. Mean Joe Greene was tops in the NFL with 4. All great Hall of Famers.

R.I.P. Jean Beliveau.

A little blood on the Broadway Hat...

Kevin Klein got his ear put back together then beat Pens

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