Sunday, December 28, 2014

Stepan Tricks Devils

it was a night of tricks in a game devoid of any passion. The first trick was when Devil GM Lou Lamoriello decided to sit behind the Devil bench after firing coach Pete DeBoer. He then assigned two "co-coaches", Adam Oates for the forwards and Scott Steven for the defensemen. What, no goalie coach. Didn't work. The Devils got all of 20 shots in the 3-1 loss to the Rangers.

The second trick was Derek Stepan with a hat trick, giving him six goals.To make sure the crowd didn't fall asleep Stepan had a goal a period. Short handed in the first, power play in the second and an empty netter in the third. The Rangers got 27 shots on goal.

The coach gave us the third trick by benching JT Miller for Lee Stempniak who got over the mumps. So Stempniak got over the mumps and Miller got the bumps. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of our coaches. Me thinks they over coach and over react. Any how it was the Rangers eight straight, win and the team record is ten accomplished twice, 1972-73 and 1939-40. Aaah 1940!

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