Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Rangers 'Yandle' Preds

It was an okay debut for Keith Yandle. He handled the puck well, especially in the offensive zone, and even though he was on the ice for Matt Cullen's goal he played well. Just don't pair him with Dan Boyle. Yandle with Klein. Boyle with Staal.

The Rangers let the Peds frolic for the first five minutes, but then took over the game on goals by Staal and a beauty by Kreider off a great feed by Zuccarello, who was the number one star of the game with two big assists.

Truth be told, Cam Talbot should have been the star with 25 saves. Though none were spectacular his positioning was perfect. Moore and Nash's empty netter closed out the scoring for the Rangers, who played a superb game. Back in first for the time being.

Kreider continued his resurgence and the whole team played well, relieved that they weren't traded and ready to make a run. The team looked solid. Yandle looked comfortable. Just don't pair him with Boyle.


The Rangers Stealth Ground Hog comes out of his borrow
The Stealth Ground Hog comes out of his hole
For Rangers fans the post-deadline press conference, held yesterday, March 2nd, is the new Ground Hog's day. It's the now annual event where our Stealth GM pokes his head up out of his borrow and looks at the media lights and entertains questions for a bit. He then dives back into his borrow.

Will we see a Stanley Cup in the spring?

Some reactions to the Stealth's "all in" trade deadline moves:

Pat Leonard / NY Daily News:
Sather admits he's 'absolutely' in win-now mode --
On if this team can win the Cup: “Well you want a prediction? Anybody got a crystal ball around? Predicting is a real complicated thing to try and get into. If we stay healthy, if we have enough depth, if everyone performs, if we get the good goaltending we think we’re gonna have, you can go all the way, but a lot of things have to happen.
Jake Gittler / Hockey Writers:
Rangers Acquire Yandle: It’s Cup or Bust on Broadway --
If there was any question as to whether the Rangers were in full-blown “win now” mode, there isn’t any longer...
Filip Bondy / NY Daily News:
Rangers trade shows team is all in for Stanley Cup run right now, reminiscent of ‘94 --
Henrik Lundqvist turned 33 years-old on Monday, reason enough for Glen Sather to pull the trigger on a deal that screams for a Stanley Cup this spring; that mortgages two more pieces of the future...

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