Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shameful Rangers

I guess the Rangers thought the regular season was over after they were the first team in the NHL to clinch a playoff spot. They forgot to show up against the Bruins today in Boston. Once, the big bad Bruins, who were 0-3-3 coming into this game, but the Rangers gave them a mulligan. Of course the Rangers had help. The suites in Toronto joined in the farce.

First the Rangers, they should be ashamed of themselves for the way they left Lundqvist, high and dry in his return back. Of course the biggest culprit was the coach who allowed his team to take the ice ill prepared to play a hockey game. Play a hockey game? They played giveaway Saturday with the struggling Bruins getting an early Christmas present.

It started with the refs when Lucic kicked in a goal. Yes, kicked in a goal. For once the refs got it right and waived it off. Over? Wrong. The Toronto suits got interrupted from watching Victoria Secrets reruns and ruled the goal was good. Farce, farce, farce. He kicked it in. He kicked it in.

If that wasn't bad enough the Ranger D, with help from the Rangers O got two of the most beautiful assists on Bruin goals and suddenly it was game, set, match. Game over. Go back to the Victoria Secrets rerun guys, we wont be bothering you again.

This was a disaster. Your star goalie, one of the best in the NHL, comes off a seven week absence and you don't support him, you don't protect him. Shame on you, Alain Vigneault. Shame on you Ranger defense. Shame on you Toronto suits. Shame on you New York Rangers for failing to pick up a goalie who has picked you up constantly for the last nine years.

Won't be watching tomorrows game against Washington. It's Palm Sunday and it's family dinner which takes precedent over a hockey game. Let me know if the Rangers show up?

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