Thursday, October 08, 2015

Lundqvist Shines in Opener

The Rangers were antsy and complaining. Poor guys had to wait almost forty minutes as the Chicago Black Hawks celebrated the winning of their third Cup in six years. Tough! The Black Hawks had all the right in the world to take all the time they wanted. If the Rangers didn't like it, too bad. Do something about it, like win the Cup. Win the Cup instead of folding like a cheap suit and being shut out in two games at the Garden in the Eastern finals.

The way the Rangers played against Chicago they should delay all the games forty minutes so they come out fired up. And fired up they did with a three goal outburst in the first period. Of course that led to the usual malaise in the second and third period, hanging on for dear life. But thank God for Henrik Lundqvist. Now how many times did I say that last year and how many more times will I say it this year?

Lundqvist was brilliant. He made 32 saves, 14 in the third period. It was his 10th opening night game. He may be aging, but like fine wine, he ages well. Its too early to get excited about a big one, but it does give an inkling of what kind of team the Rangers have. The young guys were good. Rookie Lindberg scored and JT Miller had two assists. Solid D-Man Klein put in a blast and the "old guy" Derek Stepan crashed the net for the winner. Good. Solid. Balanced.

So now it's on to tough Columbus and then home for the Garden opener. It will be a family festival of sorts. My wife and I will be going with number two son and grandson. Number one son will be going with his wife and family. So another opening night, the Rangers 90th, and the Pundits 78th. My, time flies when you are having fun. And fun it has been, despite the many frustrations and disappointments. But, you know what? It's only a hockey game. As I tell my grandson, skate hard and have fun. To the fans, root hard and have fun.

ICINGS: T/Birds off to a so-so start, splitting their first four games. T/Birds have to tighten their D if they hope to make the playoffs.

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