Friday, November 20, 2015

Bolts Jolt Blueshirts

Stupid me. All along I was worried how do we get by Carey Price and the Canadiens. Heck, we can't get by Ben Bishop and the Lightning. Last night, Bishop held us off in a 2-1 loss and his regular season record against us is now 9-0-0. His post season is not that bad either.

A botched power play, what a surprise, gave the Lightning the winning goal with 1:03 to go in the game. Dominic Moore tied the game in the third, his second of the year. So now the Rangers have an obstacle, to the north, the Canadiens, and Price. The obstacle to the South,, the Lightning and Bishop. Oh, did I forget the middle, The Caps and Alex the Great. Should be a tough ride. Time to toughen up.

ICINGS: I would like you to go to Bluecollar Blueshirts blog. Their objective is to get Frankie Boucher's sweater hung on the rafters. Great idea. It should have happened long ago. Ranger have won four Cups and Boucher was in on three of them. So go to the site, sign the petition and tell them the Pundit sent you. Go Frankie Go.

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